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Sneakers DC - smart and practical shoes

Sneakers DC, offered in Russian stores,relate to the products of the average price category for the average buyer, because the price for a pair can reach 3500 rubles or more. This cost, perhaps, is due to the country of origin of the brand - the US, as well as certain customs duties. Although, of course, the very production of the company deserves such a high evaluation.

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First, the bright design of this footwear waspositive evaluation among young people. For example, some DC sneakers are produced in a bright white-red-orange range of fabric in a box for the top. They are complemented by snow-white laces and a "puff" soles of several colors. Such shoes are ideal for jeans, light trousers or even a light summer skirt, creating a fresh, moving image. There are also samples released in monochrome, but bright colors - blue, green, yellow, etc.

Along with the colorful variety in the collectionyou can find quite strict sneakers in black tones, which will suit not only the young. And the universal model is elegant gray athletic shoes with white soles. They are perfect for trousers and will allow you to move dynamically due to their unusual lightness. For the summer, you can choose a luxurious model of white perforated suede. These are shoes for champions in summer sports.

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Secondly, the company produces DC Shoes,Suitable for sports, such as skateboarding. For this purpose, shoes are supplied with high bootlegs with lacing and a non-slip sole. Separate models of the cedar are completely made of leather, which allows them to be worn daily with maximum comfort.

Thirdly, DC sneakers have the necessary marginstrength, which allows parents to save money when buying shoes for teenagers. This is facilitated by the fact that the sole is glued in a special way, and on the top of the product rather strong materials are used and many seams are made "double stitch". However, with all the strength of the top of these sports shoes perfectly "breathes", which protects your feet from excessive moisture.

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In addition, DC sneakers have a special waydecorated lace openings that prolong the life of the shoe. A leather and suede samples are often specially processed by polymeric materials in places of potential breaks to prevent premature abrasion. It is assumed that such shoes do not require additional care, except for the usual wiping with a damp cloth.

The company also produces specializedThe models, to which number can be attributed sneakers DC Ken Block, which were developed with the participation of car racers. They are made of leather, have a soft lining, comfortably fitting leg and optimally formed sole. The color solution is done in black and green tones. On the bootleg there can be a velcro to improve fixation, and on the sides - vent holes for heat dissipation.

Given that the sneakers have a rubber sole, they are recommended to be worn on a cotton or woolen socks to avoid unpleasant effects on the ankle joints.

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