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Choose black shoes for all occasions

An integral part of any wardrobe isfootwear. The choice of shoes should be given the same close attention as the choice of clothing and accessories. But just choose some shoes - not enough, you need to know how and with what to wear them.

black shoes

Do not go out of fashion classic black shoes,which suit both business suits and evening gowns. Classics are popular not only because it is in vogue, but also because it is universal. Black classic shoes are combined with almost any outfits and colors. This style involves a low heel, closed toe, as well as a low sole and a minimum of buckles and ornaments.

Black shoes for festivities

If you are planning a celebration, you are invited toofficial event, then you need to think about what you will go there. The choice depends on the situation in which this event will take place. If your exit means visiting a theater, an exhibition or a buffet table, then you can safely put on black high-heeled shoes and a small dress, adding a clutch-handbag. You can wear suede shoes, which are great for both long dresses and short ones. If you mean a wedding, an anniversary or a banquet with colleagues in honor of the holiday, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to move a lot and also to dance. In that

black platform shoes
case, wear comfortable black shoes, in whichyou feel confident. So as not to sit out all the festive evening at the table, because your legs swelled and your shoes became small. If you are insecure walking on high heels, then choose shoes on a small and comfortable hairpin or platform. After all, if you put on smart shoes and hobble in them, it will look pathetic.

Footwear for office

Practically in every firm there is a dress code,obliging employees to appear on the workplace in certain clothes and shoes, there are also restrictions in make-up and hairstyle. Office shoes should be on a stable heel, with a closed toe, a comfortable shoe and lifting. The most advantageous option for the office will be black shoes. They can be worn under a strict trouser suit or under a skirt to the knee. You can also consider black shoes on the platform, if you are not confident enough to go on heels or have a lot of stress on your feet during the working day.

Classic black shoes with colored soles

black high-heeled shoes
Shoes with a color sole are very beautiful and sexy. It should be worn correctly, combined so that both colors are present in the attire.

Let's say that if the shoes are black and their sole is red, then you can put on a black dress and choose an accessory of red color (handbag, belt, handkerchief, etc.).

There are a huge number of models of blackshoes, and each of the fair sex, of course, can choose not only a beautiful, but comfortable shoes. Remember that properly selected exquisite shoes are the key to your success both in business and in your personal life!

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