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Duplication is the key to successful marketing!

The main and ultimate goal of network marketing -this is a passive income. Network marketing, or in another way MLM-business, - what is it? It is based not on sales through regular stores, but on the creation of a network of consultants that organize turnover. In every case there is something that eventually leads people to the result. In network marketing there is such a thing as duplication, which is the key to further success.

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What is duplication?

This is a repetition of the skills of people who have achieved goodresults in the network business. That is, the way in which you can succeed by repeating the actions of information sponsors. Why is MLM based on this method? Because it is much easier to repeat the actions of sponsors than to invent and invent something of their own. Leaders of network companies that immaculately imitated the sponsor, now tell their success stories from the stage at the conferences, and most importantly - have those promised in the beginning of the way income.

The work of an information sponsor in the network businesssimilar to the work of a coach or an instructor. Here it should be noted that you can not learn swimming, figure skating or riding a car on your own without the instructions of a mentor - a person who has experience in this matter.

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Repeat steps to succeed

In this industry, the entire learning process isrepetition or copying of the mentor's actions. It is worth simply following the words and actions of the sponsor, even if they seem unrealistic or unrealistic, since this person already knows what works in this business. That is, you just need to duplicate your mentor, and then transfer your knowledge to others. Many people go against the sponsor, creating their own system of work and following it, but to success it either leads after a long time, or does not lead at all.

How to succeed in MLM?

People who have recently come into the business,that if 2-3 people lead, who will do everything themselves, they will immediately become millionaires. But this is often far from the case. Before you make duplication work for you, you need to become an example for beginners, purposeful, bright, ambitious. New people come to energetic people who have eyes burning, they do not need to be persuaded, to force them to follow you and repeat your actions.

Training - the key to success

The first thing you need to learn is to train yourpartners, transfer knowledge to them. Attend training, webinars, presentations. In doing so, try to change their old habits to new ones, to acquire them from people who have already achieved success. Roughly speaking, you need to take care of copying your mentor, from the manner of speaking to the manner of dressing. It is also necessary to learn how to conduct presentations and, of course, to recruit many, that is, to invite new and new people. Then we already have to teach our people the skills of successful duplication. You can either come up with your own learning structure, test it with the team, or leave the system you trained yourself.

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Doubling Success

Duplication is a duplication. The meaning of it is that the person who joined the team could replicate or duplicate the actions of the sponsor. Then there will already be two such people. The results will be doubled, and accordingly, there will be duplication. Also here it is necessary to take into account that negative habits and actions are duplicated faster and easier than positive ones. Therefore, we need to develop a system of simple actions that can be repeated.

In short, duplication is a repetition of simpleactions of successful people. They need to follow when building a business. Correct duplication is a procedure that will help you achieve serious results! At the initial stage, you need to do the duplication yourself. Duplication in network marketing, in fact, is a very simple thing, if you understand it.</ span </ p>

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