/ Marketing environment of the firm.

Marketing environment of the firm.

Marketing is and operates in a complexmultifactorial environment. The way marketing strategies or tactics are implemented may not be accepted by the company's services, cause ambiguous market reaction, and not too fit the various macroeconomic trends. The marketing service of any company must gather as much information about the environment as possible to maximize the impact on the company.

The concept of a marketing environment consists ofa set of relations and various contacts with many subjects, which determines the general nature of the activities of a particular firm. The marketing environment of the company is the object of careful and thorough study.

The marketing environment of the firm is nothing likeactive factors and subjects that affect marketing decisions and opportunities. The marketing environment of the firm, depending on the possibilities, is divided into a macro environment and a microenvironment. The first is independent of the company's overall marketing, and the second operates at the level of a particular company. The microenvironment, in turn, can be internal and external.

Internal microenvironment is controlledmarketing service. It includes various structural divisions of the company, as well as the links that form between them. The stability of the firm's functioning and its survival in competition is highly dependent on the internal microenvironment. The internal environment needs to be examined in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise. Strengths are very important in order to survive in a competitive environment, so they need to be expanded and strengthened. And the influence of weak sides on economic activity should be reduced.

The external microenvironment is nothing more than acompany environment. It includes competitors, suppliers, customers, contact audiences, marketing intermediaries that have a direct relationship and affect how its functions are performed.

Suppliers are individuals and legal entities that provide not only the firm, but also its competitors with all the necessary resources in order to produce specific services and goods.

Marketing intermediaries are various organizations and enterprises that assist the firm in the promotion, distribution and marketing of goods.

Huge influence on the activities of anyThe enterprise renders what relations have developed at it with contact audiences. They are groups of people who show potential or actual interest in a particular enterprise and influence success in achieving their goals.

An important element of the company's external microenvironment isits competitors. That is, their marketing policy and brand strength can have a significant impact on the success of a particular enterprise. What is the concept of a trademark? This designation is assigned to the goods and registered in the prescribed manner to distinguish it from others and point to the manufacturer. For the buyer, the brand is the driving motive of the purchase.

A macroenvironment is a collection of manyfactors that affect the microenvironment. These factors include demographic, natural, political and legal, economic, socio-cultural, scientific and technical. All the factors of the macro environment affect each other and are interrelated. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to analyze them in a complex way. In addition, it is important to remember that different factors affect differently the enterprises of different spheres of activity, scales and so on.

The marketing environment of the firm has a great influence on its further effective functioning.

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