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Macromedia marketing and its analysis

The successful operation of an enterprise depends onmany factors. This concerns the company's internal environment and external factors, which often do not depend on the company's actions, but they have to be constantly taken into account. Analysis of macro-environment factors makes it possible to investigate forces that affect the micro-environment of an enterprise. This includes the demographic situation, political, economic, as well as legal, international, technical, cultural, educational and natural factors.

The purpose of the enterprise is to generate income fromresults of their activities and marketing services are designed to ensure the production of goods that will be attractive to the target markets. The macro environment of marketing of an enterprise affects not only the microenvironment of your enterprise, but also competitors, but it is impossible to influence it. Therefore, these factors have to be investigated and taken into account in planning the work of production. Get reliable information about the macro environment is possible from secondary information - that is, from various kinds of documents and publications, directories, the Internet, as well as through surveys of buyers, suppliers and monitoring the behavior of competitors.

Macromedia marketing requires a serious approachand careful analysis, because the elements of the internal and, respectively, the external environment are very closely intertwined and are interdependent. Not knowing this environment, the enterprise can not function normally and be competitive in the market. It follows that the study and study of the environment can ensure the successful promotion of the company to the intended goals. Analysis of macro-environment factors is designed to help design a system for monitoring external, vital processes and take measures to reduce risks. This will also give an opportunity to influence the demand of consumers, and the actions of suppliers and competitors.

Macromedia marketing should consider:

- Economic factors, which include: purchasing power, unemployment, taxation, inflation, the cost of the consumer basket, the availability of credit, the level of savings of the population.

- Political factors - legal forms, legislative standards for protecting the rights of the population and public interests, regulation of enterprises' activities are of importance here.

- Demographic factors of marketing macro environmentalso takes into account, because gender and age structure, migration, population growth, consumer dynamics, and population distribution according to the principle of urban and rural regions are of importance here. All this affects the formation of demand for products and, accordingly, for the whole activity of the enterprise as a whole.

- Natural factors, which include rising prices for raw materials and consumption of natural resources without the possibility of replenishing them.

- Technical factors - levelscientific and technical progress, the speed of innovation, new technologies, the ability to introduce more progressive methods of production and marketing, the possibility of transferring most of the marketing research to the Internet environment, the improvement of processes within the enterprise through computerization, and so on.

- Cultural factors - suchconcepts like trust in the state, attitude to the enterprise as a whole, responsible attitude to work, in particular. All this influences the attitude of the manufacturer to his activities and to the buyer as well. Here it is necessary to take into account historical, ethnic and religious traditions, which has an important impact on consumer demand.

Thus, it becomes clear thatThe macroenvironment of entrepreneurship, unlike the microenvironment, can not be controlled directly by the enterprise, but it is possible to consider all these factors and use them for more stable and productive work of the company.

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