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Financial macro environment and internal environment of the enterprise

In the current marketconditions, each of the enterprises is considered as an "open system". Therefore, the main prerequisites for its effective activity are not only the internal environment of the enterprise, but also the factors of the macro environment of marketing, i.e. success directly depends on how successfully the enterprise adapts to the external environment - scientific, technical, economic, political. This greatly depends on the ability of the enterprise to determine in time the threats to its functioning, its resistance to changing factors, the timely acceptance and use of the opportunities that open up, and as a result, the enterprise's opportunities to derive maximum benefit from this - these are the main criteria for effective functioning.

The internal environment of the enterprise is estimatedthe following areas: the staff of the firm, their potential, qualifications; scientific research and development; organizational structure and culture; the organization's finances; marketing. The internal environment of the enterprise intertwines and closely interacts with its external environment.

The financial microenvironment consists only of those elements that directly affect the functioning of the enterprise, its ability to enter the market. Such elements include:

  • suppliers of materials, raw materials, equipment, which are necessary for production;
  • consumers.
  • competitors and intermediaries;

Each of these elements is qualitatively heterogeneous, but they have a certain specific impact on decision-making and the functioning of the enterprise.

The internal environment of the enterprise takes into account the resourceprovision and capabilities of the enterprise itself and is based on the ability of managers to develop strategies, organize production, and also to realize their services, works or products.

Financial macroenvironment of entrepreneurshipis a set of factors that can not change the management of the enterprise, but it must take them into account in the course of its activities. Factors of the macro environment of marketing have an impact on the enterprise and its microenvironment, as a result, either new opportunities open up or new dangers arise. These include the following elements:

1. Demographic environment. Marketers at each of the enterprises pay much attention to this factor, tk. the market consists of people, therefore, such characteristics as density and population number are of great importance. The quantitative growth of this indicator determines the increase in markets and human needs.

2. The economic environment includes the general purchasing power of the population associated with the level of current savings, prices, income and availability of credit, as well as with the level of unemployment. The crisis economic situation determines the caution when making purchases and causes a redistribution of costs. However, it is also determined by geographical differences in the distribution of income.
3. The technical and environmental environment leads to the need to monitor the company's management of the main trends: acceleration of the STP, increased public funding for research and development, improvement strategies, and tightening of state control over the safety and quality of goods.
4. The natural environment, conditioned by the rational use and reproduction of natural resources. In this respect, entrepreneurial activity is controlled not only by state bodies, but also by influential groups of the public, entrusting each of the spheres of business with the need to participate in the search for solutions to natural problems.
5. The political environment is defined by laws and other state normative documents, as well as the requirements of public groups that influence organizations. State regulation is due to the need to protect consumers.
6. Cultural environment.

Therefore, the necessary condition for the effective operation of enterprises is the accounting by the financial manager of all micro and macro means of entrepreneurship.

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