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The importance in the development of business of such a notion as a marketing environment

As you know, the command-planning system of the formerThe Soviet Union has sunk into oblivion. We will certainly not talk about it and, especially, evaluate its effectiveness in this article, we will only pay attention to one, but very serious plus of this kind of system - a well-established mechanism for selling products, from the enterprise producing cogs, to the final assembly of the space ship, for example. With the fall of the USSR, similar technologies were destroyed, a market economy was established in the form that is inherent exclusively in our country. Thus, each enterprise for survival must conduct research on the marketing environment, as well as research the internal environment of the enterprise, especially the latter is relevant for large and multidisciplinary enterprises.

Proceeding from the foregoing,that the marketing environment of an enterprise becomes the foundation for successful development in the long and medium term. Defining the direction in the field of effective commercial activity, making strategic decisions, it is necessary to clearly and accurately understand how demanded the offered product is or, suppose, the service on the market, how much they are preferable to the buyer in comparison with the competing product. It is the complete, and most importantly, the most objective information in this direction that can provide the company with not only a development perspective, but also a certain advantage over competitors in a certain segment of the market.

The marketing environment is an important concept

Many executives of companies, often, andrelatively large are not correctly interpreted as marketing medium, projecting it onto their own, prejudiced market vision, which, often, is not an objective point of view. In this situation, there is a possibility of an error in choosing a development strategy, including in marketing. In this regard, the most effective and, most importantly, reasonable and adequate is the invitation of specialists in this field, capable of highly professional research of the marketing environment.

Why you need a marketing research

Strictly speaking, what are theshould solve the marketing research, what goals to achieve in the end? At the first stage it is necessary to determine the so-called market capacity. It is clear that this indicator is strategically important in terms of possible strategic decisions. Further, it is necessary to clearly understand and know such a quantitative indicator as a share in this very market. It is not superfluous to analyze demand, or, as this aspect is still called, analysis of consumer behavior. There are a lot of different marketing technologies here, but the essence of all of them is reduced to determining the possibility and willingness to purchase a certain consumer product by the specified group of potential buyers. Thus, the study of the internal environment of the enterprise and its external marketing policy will allow assessing the need for adjustments, both in the product itself, and in the methods of its submission to the market, including advertising policy.

As a consequence, the marketing environment is capable ofits best to greatly enhance the potential of the enterprise or company, expand sales markets, adjust the product towards greater buyer loyalty, provide necessary control over activities, including marketing, competitors, and organize more effective conditions for cooperation with partners. We can say that marketing in modern conditions plays an important role at enterprises and companies, which causes high demand in the labor market of highly professional specialists in this field.

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