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Window dressing. Shop window display in the pharmacy and in the store

Attractive goods in the window - a depositthe demand of the store for a large number of curious buyers. Based on the theme and range of products, you should choose and design the street side of the store. What are the rules for registration and how is it most profitable to apply them?

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Shop window. General rules

In the event that the seller can offerto the buyer the goods of several well-known manufacturers, it is advisable to decorate the showcase with the most branded products that are presented in the store in a wide range. Making a display case for goods that are not popular or represented by not the most expensive sizes can be the reason for the decrease in the number of visitors, since the buyer, not satisfying his need to buy the product he needs 1 time, is unlikely to go into the same store for a second time. Exposed goods should be in harmony with the overall interior of the showcase and its color scheme, and also cause positive emotions and cheer up potential buyers.

Showcases on high floors

Most attractive for buyersare the goods in the showcases of the first floors, since visitors can consider the offers in detail. If the showcase is located above eye level (from the 2nd floor and on), then it is necessary to use other methods of attracting buyers. One of them is the increase in the size of the proposed products, this can be done through the display of large models of goods sold, as well as the design of photo displays with a large image of the proposed products.

In such cases it is expedient to maximizeuse glazed areas, use brighter and "funny" colors, fantasize with contrasts and non-standard accessories. Registration of the storefront on the upper floors of buildings is complicated by the fact that the information that must be conveyed to the buyer (size and time of discounts, special offers, etc.) should be highlighted especially. A good and winning solution to this problem can be the allocation of light.

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Use of dummies

It's not a secret that any product looksmuch better if he does not hang on a hanger or lies on the counter, and is dressed on a dummy. The seller, exposing the dummy in the window, can solve several of its problems. First, with a successful combination of things, he can sell the goods, which for a long time remains unclaimed and is stored on the shelves. Secondly, he can sell a complete set of several garments presented on the dummy, since buyers very often purchase goods from the storefronts. Thirdly, on the dummy it is possible to present exclusive and expensive models together in branded ones. When prices are mixed for the products presented on the mannequins, there is a very great chance that a more expensive model will be profitable. In the latter case, to attract customers, mannequins can be supplemented with various accessories, shoes, ornaments, etc.

Such a commercial move will attract morethe number of visitors to the store, because it is much more pleasant to look at a mannequin that resembles a man than on a plastic figure resembling a human body, without the head and limbs. Registration of shop windows selling shoes and clothes should be as much as possible oriented to events from the life of customers. It can be a romantic installation of 2 "enamored" mannequins at a table in a cafe. Or a "family" idyll in a ski resort where parents teach their child to ski. Fantasy here has no boundaries.

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Game of light when choosing a design

In the heyday of computer technology and computer graphics, as well as all sorts of light solutions, the problem of attracting the attention of customers to showcases has decreased noticeably.

LED lighting is widely usedinformation parts of shop windows. The game of light can be advantageously selected individual elements or items, to which the seller wants to convert the maximum number of views of customers. The display of the windows in the pharmacy is often accompanied by LED lighting, as the nature of the products sold does not involve a large selection of combinations to attract buyers.

Many sellers use light and lightthe design of the windows and in the dark, despite the fact that the store at this time does not work. Passing by such a showcase, the buyer certainly pays attention to it, it causes positive emotions and excites the desire to go to the store during working hours.

Display design using differentthe highlights, of course, create additional financial costs for the seller, but everyone likes the holidays and the festive mood. And this "smart" showcase always creates a sense of celebration, and the desire to make a purchase specifically for him.

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Potential buyer of your store

The seller should know which categorythe buyer he is oriented, know his demand for the goods that he wants to offer. The show-window should reflect as much as possible all specificity of the sold goods and show all its winning sides. The buyer, starting from the storefront, must be sure that in this store he will acquire the product of interest at a price that is of advantage to him.

The display of the display window should be regularly updated,because the interests of buyers are different, and with the frequent updating of the windows there is the possibility of attracting a new buyer and, accordingly, gaining more benefits. If the shop window is of a long length, then it is possible to create several separate expositions on various topics that satisfy the tastes of different categories of customers.

In this case, the seller will be able to demonstrate a greater amount of goods and safely zonirovat showcase on the information and exhibition parts.

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Human factor

In our time, when walking through any city of the eyerun away from the number of colorful bewitching showcases. Not every store owner can create a masterpiece on his own, which will attract the customers' views. Therefore, more and more often sellers trust the design of the shop window for professionals. But this is far from guaranteeing an increase in the number of buyers.

After creating the face of your store, you need tohim to follow and take care. A picky buyer will not enter the store's premises if there are traces of someone's fingers or dust clouds in its corners. Therefore, carrying out cleaning and maintaining constant cleanliness will guarantee that passers-by with an enviable frequency will look into the premises of the store. To attract buyers, you can place photos of storefronts, the design of which was carried out according to all rules, in the free advertising booklets of the city.

In the era of megacities and catastrophiclack of green spaces in the cities, very showy look showcases, decorated with bushy plants and decorative flowers. Even if the shopkeeper's plans do not include the purchase of a new thing, then any connoisseur of nature will certainly want to visit such an oasis and, perhaps, look to himself for something for the future.

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