/ / Market conjuncture is an assessment of the state of affairs in the industry

Market conjuncture is an assessment of the state of affairs in the industry

Market conjuncture is a price, commodity,the financial situation in the national economy or in the economy as a whole at a given time. In addition, this term means factors primarily economic and social, which affect the development of the initial industry and the position of players in the market.

Main characteristics

Market conditions are:
Thus, the market situation isDynamic relationship of demand to supply, expressed in the number and range of goods and services on the market. Moreover, such a ratio can be estimated both within the whole economy as a whole, and in certain industrial sectors (segments of market space). In this case, the market situation is also the self-determination of the pricing and nomenclature policy of the main players offering their products. Therefore, for example, the growth / fall in prices for certain goods can be triggered as factors of the corresponding dynamics and structure of supply and demand, and the situation in the industry as a whole or the influence of external indicators. It is also fundamentally important that the market situation in a certain industry can not be considered separately from the situation in related fields. The market space is characterized by the integral interdependence of various factors that directly or indirectly affect the actions of the structure-forming players and the activity of ordinary buyers.


Market conjuncture is also a "natural"analytical indicator of the state of affairs in the industry, the segment of market space. Therefore, in assessing the characteristics of economic reproduction, it is first of all necessary to calculate such indicators as saturation and market capacity, share participation of leading enterprises, the amount of material, technical and financial resources involved. Then, based on the received data, we can see how these factors affected the price policy and the dynamics of demand. In any case, the correction of the situation on the market - if there is such a need - depends on the real actions of all interested players, including the state as the main overseer of the established legal norms for regulating the competitive environment.

Market Context Factors
Market conditions factors

Among them are the following:

  • Dynamics of supply and demand.
  • The structure of supply and demand.
  • Market positioning of players.
  • Structure and dynamics of trade.
  • Regional specification of supply and demand.
  • Regional specification of commodity-raw materials base.
  • Indicators of the trend, features of the "fashion" for goods and services.
  • Specificity of business activity.

Forecasting of market conditions

Forecasting of market conditions

As you know, forecasts are a thankless thing, butfor business is vital. At least, it is necessary to make plans after the development strategy for the next few years is clearly outlined. Then it is already possible to talk about the volumes of immediate and potential sales of goods, and the costs of production of raw materials and the nomenclature line, and the amount of capital investment in technology, etc. In short, to build daily work in its market.

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