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Perfume "Serge Luten" (Serge Lutens): description, price

Emitting special perfume is not for all the masterbelieves that the fragrance is a non-verbal expression of the emotions and thoughts of their creator. He says that the perfume that gets on the skin of a person revives past experiences, and the genius recognized in the whole world only "voices" them.

Creating a unique perfume, related to niche perfume, the legendary maestro Serge Luten believes that it is better to use soap than the banal and boring perfume of the mass market.

The poet of exquisite perfumery

This amazing man, in love with hisbusiness, no one aspires to harmony and perfection. Born in 1942 in France, Luten collaborated with the famous Dior brand, creating entirely new collections of clothing. Working on Shiseido as an art director, he releases his compositions, which were demonstrated in an elite salon.

the spirits of Serge Luten

16 years ago, he presented to the audience the brightand live aromas, and we can say that from that time the new brand of perfume Serge Lutens began to count. A renowned perfumer living in a recluse in Marrakech does not advertise his life, which for everyone is a closed book.

Believer in rock maestro creates his stunningworks "in spite of", explaining that it is driven by destructive force. A poet of the perfume beauty who considers himself a fatalist admits that the new is always the destruction of the old.

It was in the exotic Marrakech that perfumes were created"Serge Luten" from the collection "A Thousand and One Nights". "This is an amazing city! His smells just shook me. And I even preserved the aroma of cedar: I took a small piece and brought it home. And then I thought that I would definitely make a perfume out of it, "- said the author of niche perfume.

Cedre - forest magic

In 2005, exciting and refined perfumes were born"Cedar". Serge Luten realized his dream, telling about all the secrets that keep a noble tree. The wonderful smell of its bark, mixed with amber amber and soft cinnamon, immerses in the magical world of the forest.

Dusty and noisy metropolises tire, and the mainThe dream of their inhabitants is the desire to get out into the countryside, feeling the life-giving sip of forest poetry. Meditative perfume, the soft cedar heart of which harmoniously combines with the notes of tender tuberose, will give warmth to its owner, tired of the loneliness of the big city.

Associations with pleasant memories

Denying all the laws of the perfume market Lutenbelieves that spirits in no way can change a person, they are created to emphasize the traits of his character and give confidence. "Aromas must help and emphasize the strengths of the individual," the perfumer is convinced.

perfume cedar serge lute

The sensual spirits "Serge Luten" cause pleasantassociations associated with personal memories. The author knows that the world is diverse and shows it from different angles. He considers the creation of multifaceted fragrances by his liberation.

The famous master admits: "The process of creativity in other words can be described as insanity. Otherwise, what lives inside each artist, do not call. And it must be released outside. So I create spirits in order not to go insane. "

Ambre Sultan promising adventure

One of the brightest oriental flavors of the brandSerge Lutens is Ambre Sultan, whose idea of ​​creation is inspired by a small piece of amber, presented as a sign of respect to Luten during his journey through Marrakech in the late 60s. For a long time he kept a yellowish piece, which keeps the ancient history, in a wooden box.

perfume serge lute price

Starting with a sweetish ambergris mixed with resins, the spirits of Serge Luten warm and give confidence. The luxury of the east, hiding in a strict bottle, burns, playing a variety of shades.

Precious amber envelopes and cloudsconsciousness, and in the base exudes an incredible aroma of heated wood, turning into a blazing bonfire. Aroma-passion carries its owner on a journey, promising an unforgettable adventure. An exquisite unisex composition reveals a veil of eastern mystery to Europeans. The fragrant ambergris, which became the main violin of the fragrance, is entangled with invisible threads, and special chords stir the blood.

Un Bois Vanille: tenderness and depth

In 2003, the soft and gourmetperfume, woven from the tones of quiet black vanilla and bitter sandalwood. This is not an ordinary sugary smell, in its base, there is tartness and surprising velvety enveloping a fluffy cloud.

perfume serge lyuten отзывы

Perfume "Serge Luten" "Vanilla" - a real odean oriental soft fairy tale that whispers tender words. The sweetness of the beans is thinly balanced with almond bitterness, which gives the flavor a special character that distinguishes it from other gourmet perfumes. However, it is obvious that under such frank tenderness attached to the notes of coconut milk, vanilla depth disappears.

Official site

Recognized by these masterpieces perfume "Serge Luten"well-deserved demand in the whole world. Recently, for the joy of all his fans, the maestro opened his personal website, where everyone can order the favorite fragrances with delivery.

In addition, it presents exclusive brand decorative cosmetics, and perfume quotes, rare photographs from a personal archive and a life story will help to get to know a talented recluse.

Monobutik in Moscow

In June 2015, lovers of niche perfumery weremade a generous gift from the legendary Frenchman. In Moscow, opened the second in the world and the only monobuck in Russia, made in black and gold, with about 70 fragrances of an authoritative master.

perfume serge lute vanilla

Here all admirers of bright talent will get acquaintedwith a decorative line of high quality brand, a limited collection of shawls made of natural silk, as well as a complete collection of enchanting compositions "Serge Luten" (perfume).

In "Letual" - a large trading network, whichspecializes mainly on the sale of luxury, not selective fragrances, perfumery of the creative personality is not sold. Anyone who wants to buy truly luxurious works can take advantage of a unique chance and buy in Moscow not only a classic collection, but also an exclusive presented in the "bell", named so in the form of a bottle.

The price of the aromas of the classic collection variesfrom 4 to 12 thousand rubles, and for exclusive perfume will have to pay ten times more (for example, L "incendiaire Arlequin Platine in a boutique costs 85 thousand rubles).

Searing cold L'Eau Froid

Niche perfume "Serge Luten", whose price is much higher than the mass market and luxury, instantly conquer a new audience, which considers them to be the standard of impeccable taste.

serge lutens

A talented maestro creates not onlyeast-spicy flavors. Left L'Eau Froid is not like all other creations of the Frenchman. He became interested in the smell of ice spring water and got the right composition, adding a lot of incense.

Perfectly suited for hot days, the spirits "Serge Luten", reviews of which converge in the common opinion that they resemble the whiff of the wind, convey real sensations of scalding cold.

Mood for creating fragrance

When the master is asked about what he isis inspired by the creation of a new fragrance, he ponderes for a long time and admits that this is a momentary mood, which should be given as soon as possible, so that the obsession does not choke him. The master does not hide his loneliness, saying that life suits him, but he tries to work a lot and create in this isolation from the whole world.

And when asked by journalists whether he wears his perfume,Luten grins and shakes his head negatively: "I love cleanliness, and I create perfume and immediately get rid of it, otherwise our relationship with him will be like a pendulum with a slap in the face. When you return to what you did, nostalgia begins to torment you, and this is very bad. "

serge lute in perfume in fly

The amazing spirits of "Serge Luten" seem to be transferred toAnother reality, awakening positive emotions. Born spontaneously, they come to life and play, emphasizing the charisma of the owner. It's amazing how different components, merging into a single whole, form unusual compositions, wrapping memories in a visible form.

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