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How to keep a tan after the sea for a long time

The times when the beautiful was considered aristocraticpale skin, long gone. In the 21st century, the most attractive body is covered with an even bronze tan. In this regard, many people are concerned about how to keep a tan after vacation for a long time.

Preparing the body for tanning

One of the important conditions for obtaining an even,beautiful, and most importantly, a persistent sunburn is the preliminary preparation of the skin by means of mechanical peeling. During the procedure, the dead cells of the epidermis and contamination will be removed from its surface. However, do not forget that after peeling the skin becomes very vulnerable to ultraviolet light, therefore, you should start taking sun baths only after a few days.

how to keep a tan after the sea

In addition, before sunburn, you can not peelwith the use of acids, since subsequently this can lead to the formation of pigment spots on the body. Skin cleansing should be done using a scrub and massage mitts. But to carry out this procedure is necessary, as to keep the tan after the sea in this case will be much easier.

Preparation of the face for sunburn

how to keep a tan for a long time
Since the face, unlike the body dailyis exposed to much more various cleaning procedures, sunburn with it descends quickly enough. Therefore, before the holiday, it is worthwhile to spend time preparing the person for the influence of the caressing rays of the sun, since you can save a tan for a long time, taking care of it beforehand. Do not tan the delicate skin of the face with serious traumatic procedures before sunburn, mild peeling with fine oatmeal will eliminate surface contaminants and at the same time will not deprive the skin of natural protection. Such an easy cleaning procedure will be sufficient to obtain an even and stable tan.

How to properly sunbathe

The biggest mistake many have made before the sunpeople - this thoughtless lying on the beach for hours on end under the scorching rays. Of course, tanning this way will be faster, but the likelihood of getting a serious burn is very high. In addition, the tan obtained in this way, for sure, quickly leave its owner, when the injured skin begins to peel and cloud.

how to keep a southern tan

It is important to be able to tan, as to preserve the sunburnafter the sea a long time can only be if it is received correctly. In the first days of vacation it is better to reduce the time of sun exposure to 30 minutes, and only after the skin has acquired a light chocolate color, you can increase this time. However, we must pay special attention not only to the time spent in the sun, but also to what time of day is chosen for sunbathing. The ideal hours for sunbathing are hours before noon and afternoon. This is necessary in order to protect the skin from exposure to too strong ultraviolet radiation and not get burned.

Means for sunburn

Should not be in the first few days of restto use the means directed on strengthening of influence of ultra-violet beams. During this period, the skin needs serious protection, which creams can provide with a protective factor of SPF 50. Such a tool will help the skin form its own protection and protect itself from sunburn.

how to preserve the tan

To obtain a stable tan, lower the levelprotection should be gradually. After 3-4 days, you can switch to a cream with SPF equal to 30, and in a couple of days - with SPF 20. Thus, only after the first week of rest you can start using the tools whose main task is to enhance the tan. Such a scheme will protect the skin from trauma and will allow to obtain an even, steady golden color.

Means after sunburn

how to keep a tan after your holiday
Since you can keep the tan, well itsfixing, it is important to choose the right product after sunbathing. In most cases, the main task of such creams, lotions and oils is to moisturize the sun-dried body. However, there are so-called prolongators, which, in addition to nutrition and saturation of the skin with moisture, enhance the effect of sun exposure and help keep it for a long time. Thanks to the application of these products, the tan appears faster and is fixed much better.

Power for tanning

Everybody knows: tanning is nothing more than a protective reaction of the body to the effects of ultraviolet rays. In order to avoid damage to the skin, the body begins to produce melanin, under the influence of which this seductive chocolate shade appears. Scientists have long proven that there are a number of products that have a significant effect on the production of this hormone because of the content of certain substances in them. Thus, one of the possible solutions to the pressing issue of how to keep a tan after the sea will be proper nutrition.

The first in the list of substances providing an evenbronze skin color, vitamin A is listed. It significantly accelerates the production of melanin and helps regenerate skin cells. Further on the list among the means, beneficial for the skin during and after sunburn, you can note protein, B vitamins, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

In order to fill the body with these importantsubstances in the diet should include more vegetables of red and orange, as well as products containing healthy fats (nuts, avocados, fish, etc.).

Support intensity of sunburn without sun

How long to keep the sea tan away from the beachand the sun? Thanks to such inventions, as a solarium and means for autosunburn, the answer to this question becomes obvious. Return the body of a beautiful chocolate color will help a small amount of cream with dihydroxyacetone. By reacting with skin keratin proteins, this substance triggers the production of melanoidin, which gives the skin a beautiful shade of natural tan. Such remedies, when properly used, do not do any harm and give a fairly quick result.

how long to preserve the tan

The sessions of sunburn in the solarium can not be called absolutelyharmless procedure, but the shade of the skin obtained in this way will be as close as possible to the natural. And since tanning after the sea will help just a few minutes under the lamps a couple of times a month, there will be no serious harm from visiting the solarium.

Folk remedies

How to keep a southern tan and do not hurt your skin, well,on the contrary, to bring her additional care and care? The best way is to take a bath with various additives. So, a bath with the addition of chamomile broth will not only help to keep the skin pleasant golden color, but will also give it silky. And if you add to the water a certain amount of brewed black tea, then, in addition to supporting sunburn, you can get a toning and softening of the skin.

A nice bonus to the beautiful color of the skin canbecome and rejuvenating effect, which will give a bath with chocolate. To do this, melt the chocolate bar and dilute the resulting mass with water (1: 1). You need to pour the mixture into the tub.

Additional intensive moisturizing of the skin will beto interfere with its peeling, and therefore, will contribute to a longer preservation of a beautiful tan. If you pour 1/2 cup of olive oil into the water, the skin will receive an incredible amount of nutrients and intense moisturizing, which no lotion can provide.

Since you can save a tan for a long time onlytaking care of your skin, do not forget about the daily care. However, you should abandon the funds that have a whitening, clarifying effect, and then a beautiful bronze skin color will delight you more than one month after the holiday!

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