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Harley makeup: step by step instructions

Harley Quinn - the heroine of comics about Batman,girlfriend of the Joker, is now one of the most popular cosplay characters among the girls. Bright, eccentric, daring and at the same time feminine - they want to feel like a girl who chooses her image. Makeup Harley - one of the types of pop art meikapa, which they try to repeat for a trip to themed parties, in particular Halloween. The article describes how to make a step-by-step make-up in the style of the brightest heroine of the "Suicide Squad".

Makeup Harley Quinn: features

The combination of extravagance, sexuality andfascinating attraction - something that so many Harley likes. Its bright image is impossible not to notice, so those who choose such a makeup for the party, will necessarily be in the spotlight.

If you look closely at the heroine's photo, you can note several features of her appearance:

  • a pallid skin (there will not be enough powder alone);
  • bright accents - and the lips and eyes are highlighted by contrasting colors, so that her makeup is not inferior in expressiveness to the image of the Joker;
  • the growing shadows and the fuzzy outline of the eyes - this kind of negligence is invented for a reason: Harley is crazy, and this detail reveals externally the features of the inner world of the heroine;
  • eyes are colored with shadows of different shades;
  • tattoos in the form of a black heart on the cheekbone and an inscription on the cheek ROTTEN, which in translation means "terrible, rotten, nasty";
  • bright lips with a clear black outline;
  • prominent eyebrows, but not very dark and broad.

makeup of haryl

What will be needed to create makeup?

Before you do makeup Harley, you need to collect all the necessary tools and cosmetics:

  • Base makeup;
  • Powder of light and darker shade;
  • concealer;
  • theatrical white make-up;
  • shadows of black, blue, pink shades;
  • black pencil;
  • lipstick of cherry color;
  • pencil or shade, tassel and eyebrow gel;
  • lipstick-shine.

makeup harley quinn

Makeup, like Harley Quinn, step by step

  • The first step is to prepare the person for color accents. Using a tonal basis to align its color, concealer brighten dark circles, bags under the eyes and other irregularities of the skin.
  • We proceed to face contouring: a light powder should be fixed to the makeup base in the T-zone area - the middle of the forehead, nose and chin. A darker shade of the powder should be slightly emphasized cheekbones, darken the wings of the nose and the side parts of the forehead. In this case, the face should not be formed clear boundaries of color. If there are no skills in contouring, it is better not to do it at all.
  • If you want to create as close tothe classic image of Harley, you can use theatrical white make-up. It will also work if the natural complexion and light powder give a greyish shade - this often happens, but this does not mean Harley's makeup. The make-up is applied with a special brush or just with your fingers (driving movements) in a small amount, so that this mask does not resemble a clown's. The top of the makeup should also be powdered, not forgetting about the neck: it should not differ in color from the face.
  • Next line of eyebrows. In Harley, they stand out well enough, but do not attract attention. It is better to choose colors suitable for your color - gray-black, gray-brown. It can be a pencil or a shadow. After applying the color of the eyebrows, you need to comb it with a brush, so staining the dye, and fix it with a gel for the eyebrows.
  • The eyes in this make-up are painted in different colors: right - red-pink, left - blue-blue. Apply the shadow to the mobile and lower eyelid, continuing to lead up to the cheekbone. Thus, you need to create the effect of spreading shadows. Further, the contour of the eye is emphasized with the help of a black pencil. It should be well shaded - not as important as accuracy, as the lack of clear lines.

how to make a makeup harelie

  • If the task is to create pop art make-up, howshown in the photo (which repeats the picture from the comics), you will need to use a pen-marker or a marker for the eyebrows. With its help you can draw lines of cheekbones, eyebrows, nose, chin, as in the photo. Dirty streaks or ash on your face can be depicted with the help of dark (black or gray) shadows.

make up like a harley quind step by step

  • The final touch is the makeup of the lips. At Harley they are not red, but a rich cherry or reddish-plum shade. It is this kind of lipstick that will be needed. The outline can be found with a black pencil. If desired, add a little shine to the center of each of the lips. Sometimes they create the effect of negligence, smearing lipstick from the lip to the chin.

makeup of haryl

Makeup Details

Harley's makeup itself is not difficult to accomplish. But its main feature is in detail. In addition to the divorce of shadows and lipstick, there are 2 tattoos on the person's face. This little black heart on the cheekbone near the right eye and on the same cheek, but below, the inscription ROTTEN. They can be painted with the same cosmetic marker or felt-tip pen. For the letters to be even, you can use a stencil.

 makeup harley quinn

How do I create a full image?

Makeup Harley Quinn - not the only feature of this image. To be as much like a heroine, you should take care of other details:

  • Hair should be stained at the ends in red-pink and blue hues with the help of colored varnish or powder for hair, then collect them in two tall tails with elastic bands (pink and blue).
  • Clothing: shirt or t-shirt with gaps of white, but with a red top, a bright red and blue sports jacket, short shorts with the same symmetrical shade division, one or two leather gloves in the same range, torn pantyhose, sneakers.
  • Accessories: a wide choker with a metal inscription PUDDIN and a baseball bat with the words Good Night.

If you consider all the recommendations for creating this image, you will have to prepare for increased attention to your person.

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