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Massage with herbal sacs: reviews

Legendary massage with herbal pouches with eachday gaining popularity, attracting more and more fans. An unusual technique seems to many to be ineffective and unnecessary, but, having become more familiar with it, the opinion is immediately changed in a positive way. In order to understand what a good massage with herbal sacs, you should not just read the information, but also try it on yourself. The article details the principles of massage, its positive and negative features, as well as readers are given real feedback from people who have already tried it on themselves.

massage with herbal pouches

Unique massage

Modern Thai massage with herbal poucheseach person can try on themselves in specialized salons and massage rooms. In fact, this procedure was used in ancient times, based on the following effects:

  • Thermal (before the procedure the sacs must be heated);
  • aromatherapy (when massage with hot herbal pouches, from
    they are distinguished by pleasant aromas);
  • acupressure and pressotherapy (the procedure is based on point pressure, as well as on the impact on special acupressure points);
  • phytotherapy (various phyto-elements that are released during the evaporation and heating, penetrate through the skin pores);
  • special techniques of Thai massage.

The founder of massage herbal pouches, reviews aboutwhich are given below, is considered specialist Zivaka Kumar Bhakka. Legend has it that he is a contemporary of the Buddha and a doctor of the Indian King Magadha. Since the beginning of the massage, the purpose was to relax the person, to prevent the consequences of stress, and to remove the blockage of muscles.

Herbal sacs

Massage with herbal pouches is popular with people,that linen handbags are filled with all sorts of medicinal herbal remedies. They are considered traditional instruments of Thai massage and are actively used not for the first year. Thais in their work use pre-prepared bags of herbs in cases when pressure is applied to the pads of the fingers painful sensations.

Thai massage with herbal pouches

Principles of Massage

Massage with herbal sacs is built on certain principles, thanks to which in his direction never received dissatisfied reviews of patients:

  1. Massage is carried out in a direction from the stop to the head.
  2. The master makes movements only from the outer part of the body to the inner part.
  3. For women, the procedure is carried out from left to right, for men, on the contrary.
  4. The techniques are strictly observed in the strictest sequence: kneading, warming up, stretching and twisting.
  5. On exhalation the maximum traction is done.

Thai massage herbal pouches reviews


The procedure is able to improve metabolic processes, andalso activate lymphatic drainage and put subcutaneous fat into work, relieving swelling and stagnation of the fluid. In addition, thanks to this technique, the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands improves, the blood flow is adjusted and pains in the joints and spine go away.

facial massage with herbal pouches

For the whole body and face massage with herbal pouchesis an excellent anti-stress procedure that helps the disappearance of toxins and stimulates blood circulation in all body systems. And improving the immune system makes this procedure a unique preventative for many diseases.


Thai massage is used intherapeutic and prophylactic and general health purposes, for therapy in problems with oborono-motor, nervous and respiratory systems. Indications for this type of massage completely coincide with the indications to the classical version:

  • regular stress;
  • fear;
  • insomnia;
  • dysfunction of the digestive tract;
  • fatigue;
  • anxious sleep;
  • lack of mobility;
  • malaise;
  • asthma;
  • bronchitis;
  • acute pain in the muscles.

In certain cases, for sensationThe positive effects of herbs are sufficient only 2-3 sessions, although with the correct health-improving approach it is recommended to take a complete course consisting of 10-15 visits to the master. After completing the procedure, the client feels light, physical and moral relaxation.

massage herbal pouch technique


In addition to the indications listed above, the procedure, like any medical treatment procedure, has its contra-indications. Among them:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • high blood sugar;
  • binge eating;
  • increased body temperature;
  • individual intolerance of the components contained in the pouches;
  • state of intoxication.

These contraindications are the main factors in the presence of which massage can only worsen a person's condition.

Herbal pouch massage: techniques and techniques

In fact, herbal massage can be performeddifferent ways. Based on the preferences of the client, the masseur chooses the most suitable technique to suit him in everything. One or several bags are used in the work, depending on the chosen pace of the procedure, the zone where it is performed, and the use of auxiliary products (oil, liquid).

massage with hot herbal pouches

The contents of the bags are selected individually foreach client, taking into account the tasks and goals of the massage. For each procedure, separate herbs and a set of bags are used. Specialists work, as a rule, with disposable bags, but in some cases they can be applied repeatedly, thoroughly disinfected after each session. Observe this rule is necessary, because the tissue collects all the toxins and dirt that can quickly get on the skin of another patient.

The technique of classical herbal massage is simple. It does not require any special skills at all: first of all it is necessary to warm up the bags on a steam bath or in a special vat with hot water, and then gently pull them by the handles and shake them. To prevent the master from getting burned, the pouch handles should be as thick and long as possible.

Before the procedure, the client should take a shower,visit the sauna and do a whole body peeling. This is necessary in order to maximize the pores of the pores, and the phyto-elements do not encounter obstacles when they penetrate the body. During the massage it is recommended to listen to quiet music in order to escape from everyday fuss. If desired, you can add a few drops of fragrant essential oil to the bags.

If the massage is performed on the back, then herbalpouches are pressed in the direction from the neck to the sacrum. In addition to pressure, the master also makes stroking movements along a linear, circular, spiral trajectory. Together with this, tapping, stretching and patting with the help of pouches are done.

If the human skin is resistant to high and lowtemperatures, then you can alternate hot and cool bags of herbs, which will help strengthen the thermal effect. The last step in the massage can be a warm wrap, where the massaged for a while cover a warm enough sheet. And after the sheet gives away all the warmth to the patient, it is removed, and the body is covered with an ordinary dry towel.

Thai massage herbal pouches: reviews

A procedure of this type is widely used inmany countries, so it has a lot of fans who are satisfied with every session. First and foremost, people say that it is not necessary to go to Thailand for a real Thai massage, because you can find specialists practically in any city. In addition, customers are positive about the process of massage. At the same time, painful and pleasant sensations accompanied by magnificent soothing music were not only charged with positivity and energy for a long time, but also inspired the desire to go on the procedure more than once.

massage herbal pouches reviews

It is not surprising that a massage usingherbal sacs does not have negative reviews. Absolutely all customers of salons, where he is included in the list of services, as well as people doing massage at home, are satisfied with the process of pouch action and the result of this procedure. Therefore, there is no need to doubt its usefulness and necessity.

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