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Hair dye Loreal - Ombre: reviews and benefits of technology

Ombre is a fashionable trend in thehair coloring. Locks, colored by this technology, are darker at the roots and light at the tips. In this case, the color transition is very smooth. It creates the illusion that the hair has grown and burned in the sun. Until recently, try on this image was possible only in the beauty salon. The company "Loreal" has taken care of that our women could do it themselves at home. She has released such a tool to create a unique image, like the hair dye Loreal - Ombre. Comments of women who have already tried to paint it at home, say that there was no difficulty.

hair dye loreal ombre reviews

What is good about this method of dyeing hair? Rooted roots and burnt ends - can it be beautiful? It turns out, can! Hair at the same time looks very natural and natural, it seems that they are thicker than it really is. After all, any coloring creates an effect of lush hair. Hair dye Loreal - Ombre, reviews of experts can be found in the press - the best option for girls who want to try something new and unusual in dyeing hair, but afraid of bright and bold colors. The color turns out to be very close to the "native" shade of ringlets, especially at the roots. Therefore, if you do not arrange the result of the painting, you can always cut the ends of the strands.

How to dye hair in Ombre technique

In the box with paint you will find an oxidizing agent,developer, detailed instructions, a pair of gloves, a professional comb for applying the composition and a balm for colored hair. To begin with, you need to mix in flasks with oxidizer and Loreal-Ombre paint developer in non-metallic containers. The instruction for use states that the application of paint should be carried out as follows:

  1. Comb the hair and divide it into two halves.
  2. Apply the composition to the curls with the help of a specialcomb, starting from the area between the chin and earlobe. It must be carried through the strands once, so that the border of color does not turn unnaturally sharp.
  3. Withstand the remedy on the hair for 20-40 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with balm.

loreal ombre instruction
Cost of paint

And now let's compare the cost of such equipmenthair coloring in the beauty salon and the cost of packing Ombre paints (Loreal). The price of the paint is about 300 rubles, and the cost of the salon procedure is from 1500 to 3500 rubles. The difference is obvious. Why not try to save money? If you still do not dare to paint your hair at home, call for help from your girlfriends. Together you will definitely cope with this.

Women's Feedback

And what do women say that alreadyHave used to create their own unique image with such a means as the hair dye Loreal-Ombre? Their reviews speak about the ease of use of this product. Most of them noted that they had no difficulties in staining. The result of the procedure was very satisfactory. In their opinion, having bought this paint, it is quite possible to refrain from staining Ombre in the salon.

ombre loreal price

Thus, we found out that the hair dyeLoreal - Ombre, reviews of which talk about the ease of its use, it may well be a substitute for an expensive salon hair coloring procedure using the latest technology.

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