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Style "Linework" - tattoo from lines

Tattoos are popular all over the world, andtattoo artists are in demand, especially if they are professionals in their field. Invented a lot of styles, some brighter than others. Human fantasy knows no bounds, making sketches of tattoos and techniques of execution completely different, that's why everyone can find something that he likes and choose a drawing that will become a true friend in the future and even in twenty years will not cease to please the owner.

There is a style of line art - a tattoo that consists offrom the lines. It looks simple and original at the same time. Linevork from English translates as "work with lines." This style appeared relatively recently, less than ten years ago, but popularity is gaining very quickly.

Features and specifications

If you are thinking about something to yourselfto fill, it is worth considering the line art-tattoo, the sketches of which can be quite unlike not only the other styles, but also against each other. In the figures, the lines are parallel, perpendicular or intersect, forming a "grid". Thanks to this technique, tattoos can be very different from small and simple, for pretty girls who want an innocent decoration on their wrists, to huge and complicated compositions in the composition plan that true lovers will appreciate.

linehead tattoo

It is said that the lineman is the heir to the completion,but they also have their differences. Dotvork, for example, is performed point-by-point. Yes, and this style is suitable for brutal bearded bikers, whereas with the help of lines you can create a truly cute and gentle drawing.

When typing tattoos it is better to choose author's work, creative and lively. Sketches taken from the Internet can fill thousands of people. Why go with someone's copy?

Linevкk-tatu is a novelty

The advantage of this style is that itstill not as popular as his other congeners. So, by typing a tattoo with lines, you can safely say that with a similar one you rarely meet someone. And since the direction of the style is still being adjusted and has not yet accepted the final version, the tattoo master can safely make any adjustments to it, transforming and transforming it.

tattoo-style line art sketches

Characteristic features of these tattoos are:

  • lines are drawn not thoughtlessly, they should be arranged according to geometric rules and reflect the general essence of the picture;
  • use dark or red color, but some masters add other colors;
  • most often in the line art tattoo images of animals or flowers are beating, but in general the drawing must carry a certain avant-gardism.

Used Scenes

As mentioned earlier, a tattoo in the style of line artworksketches can carry in themselves any subject. It can be some kind of decoration that has no analogues in the real world, for example, a beautiful geometric plexus of lines. You can use any twisted figure, made in the form of a spring. Any animals - owls, bears, wolves, foxes, cats, deer - will be faithful bodyguards. Also, a line-art tattoo with a person image, with portraits, with children is often applied.

line art tattoo sketches

Popular among tattoos and nature, for example, you can fill a tree with a root in the form of a heart, and this is all using intersecting lines.

Popular tattoos

There are many masters of their craft, of course,they can live all over the world, but first of all it is worth noting Chaim Miklev, who lives in Berlin. This tattoo artist is world famous in the world of tattoos and especially tattoos in the style of line art.

A good tattoo artist is not only a master who quickly and qualitatively stuffs a tattoo, it is also a master who can make his or her vision, a feature, in any sketch, this will make the drawing alive.

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