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Ascorbic acid for the face: methods of use, features and reviews

The phrase "ascorbic acid" is familiarto everyone. The approximate benefit that it brings to the human body, everyone also imagines. However, not everyone knows that you can use ascorbic acid not only internally, but also externally. About the use of ascorbic acid for the face - below.

What is ascorbic acid

First of all, it is worthwhile to clarify thatBut this is ascorbic acid. Another name for this substance is vitamin C, and this, as already clear, is a vitamin. It is found in citrus fruits (mandarins, oranges, lemons), apples, bananas, grapes, in many vegetables and berries. These are zucchini, carrots, radishes, strawberries, watermelon, currants, and also in dairy products.

ascorbic acid for the face
Lack of proper amount of this vitaminhas a detrimental effect on the health of a person, so it is so important that he is present in everyone's daily diet. Otherwise, the immunity will be weakened, which can lead to various consequences of an unpleasant kind.

Benefit and harm

What, if in short, is the benefit of vitamin C forthe person? It increases immunity, which reduces the likelihood of various diseases, treats infections that have already appeared, reduces cholesterol and thrombosis, makes the blood vessels elastic, helps restore various cells in the human body.

ascorbic acid for the skin of the face
If the gums began to bleed, joints became ill,there was insomnia, they began to often cough up colds, wrinkles arose - all this is the result of a lack of ascorbic acid. Such problems can be avoided if you regularly take it in the right quantities.

Advantages of outdoor use

But, as already mentioned above, to use ascorbicmaybe not just inside. It is no less useful for our skin - at least in that it protects it from all sorts of negative reactions. Ascorbic acid for the face skin is an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate it, restore elasticity and prevent rapid aging. In addition, if the skin receives enough vitamin C, all kinds of wounds and acne on it go much faster. With proper care with the use of this vitamin may even disappear scars and scars!

ascorbic acid in ampoules for face
Besides said, the cover receivingascorbic acid, quietly reacts to a variety of creams and scrubs, its color remains normal, and he himself is matte. Less often, skin diseases occur. Otherwise, on the contrary, the skin becomes dry, pale, all kinds of rashes appear more often.

Ascorbic acid for the face: when you can

Despite all of the above, to use vitamin C for the face is not allowed to everyone and not always. Its use is permissible in the following cases:

  • with redness and scaling, acne, acne;
  • with dry skin and gray complexion;
  • with oily shine and enlarged pores;
  • when stars and capillary mesh appear.

In addition, it is recommended to use ascorbic acid for the face from wrinkles and at the first signs of aging of the skin.


Nevertheless, even in the presence of the above-describedproblems for some categories of citizens will have to abandon the use of vitamin C externally. So, it is strictly forbidden to use ascorbic acid for the face skin to allergic people, people suffering from diabetes and prone to blood clots. Do not apply any substances to the skin with vitamin C, if it is injured or damaged in any way, as well as when expanding on the face of the vessels.

Methods of application

Vitamin C can be absolutely calmly purchasedin any pharmacy. It is sold in a variety of options - in tablets (who do not know "ascorbic"!), Masks, powders (of them make masks themselves), ampoules (designed for lotions and injections), creams (they can also be manufactured at home). In addition, very often there is a cosmetic serum - and, according to reviews, it is quite effective. Gels, tonics, lifting creams - funds for a person with a vitamin C content on the market now more than enough.

All cosmetic procedures can be done at home. But there is still mesotherapy, the implementation of which is permissible only by specialists. More on this - just below.


Perhaps the use of ascorbic acid forface in masks is the most popular and affordable means. They can both be bought in ready-made form, and done by yourself, by buying vitamin C in powder. If you dilute such a powder with a mineral water, you get a mushy mass (with a very small spoonful of powder). This mass and it is necessary to put on the face (not forgetting to clear it in advance) for fifteen to twenty minutes. Usually it is recommended to apply masks no more often than two, but preferably once a week, after which the skin should be moistened with cream.

mask with ascorbic acid for face

The most effective are masks withadding fruits, berries or vegetables - especially recommended to use sea buckthorn. If you make this mask yourself, then, in addition to powder and mineral water, you will need: sea buckthorn oil, two teaspoons of black tea and one - cottage cheese. Such a mixture well reduces any inflammatory processes of the skin.

You can also prepare masks with the addition of clay, withhoney, almond oil, aloe, strawberry, kiwi and lemon. But using the last two ingredients, you should be very careful: they can cause burning and itching.

ascorbic acid for face in ampoules
Regardless of which mask to apply toperson, you need to adhere to several general rules. First, it is necessary to wash it off with exceptionally warm water, and secondly, the most suitable seasons for such procedures are spring and autumn.

Ascorbic acid for face in ampoules

Masks for the face have a good alternative in the form ofampoules. Such solutions are generally sold for injection (about this below), but with their help you can prepare yourself a regular lotion for rubbing the skin. This is a good way to use ascorbic acid for a person at home.

To make a lotion is amazingly simple. Five or ten percent solution must be mixed with water in equal proportions - and that's it. This mixture can be wiped face twice a day, morning and evening, a cotton pad or even a palm. If suddenly the skin begins to react negatively, you should simply increase the water ratio - in half.


So, ascorbic acid in the ampoules for the faceis sold for injection. However, it is strictly forbidden to do it yourself. Such a procedure is called mesotherapy and is carried out exclusively under the supervision of professionals - and by themselves. Mesotherapy is indicated for aging skin, acne, acne, and to eliminate wrinkles.

ascorbic acid for the face from wrinkles
The use of ascorbic acid in ampoules forface with mesotherapy is the following: a very thin needle under the skin is injected with liquid vitamin (previously the face is necessarily cleared). This is completely safe, but requires great care - that's why the procedure is done exclusively in clinics. As a result, the skin is bleached, cleansed, begins to produce collagen at an accelerated rate, and as a result, its aging slows down.


Experience in the use of externally vitamin C in all whowrites about him, - positive. Girls note that masks perfectly cope with fatty shine and eliminate boring pimples. Reviews for ascorbic acid for the face in ampoules are also favorable - the pores become narrower, the acne becomes much smaller, a healthy complexion appears. Some, by the way, use vitamin C for hair - and they also say about the "work" of the remedy: the hair shines and looks very beautiful.

Interesting Facts

  1. As early as the 18th century, a Scottish medical student established that citrus fruits can cure scurvy. Only two centuries later it was found that it is possible with the help of vitamin C.
  2. Ascorbic acid for the face should be applied in moderation, otherwise it will not bring any benefit, but harm.
  3. If the skin is damaged, use of any drugs with ascorbic acid is unacceptable.
  4. Ascorbic can not be stored in the refrigerator.
  5. Mask with ascorbic acid for the face is recommended to be applied in the evening.
  6. Before applying any products containing vitamin C, on the face, it must be thoroughly cleaned.
  7. Every day the human body should receive at least one hundred milligrams of ascorbic acid.

ascorbic acid for the face
Anyone who wants to have a healthy body, should control the presence of vitamin C in it, at the same time, that he acts there internally, even outwardly. And better - at once and so, and then!

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