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Braiding braid on medium hair - unusual hairstyles every day

weaving braid on medium hair
Many at the first meeting pay specialattention to appearance. Including the hair. After all, hair, like hands, is an indicator of how well a girl cares for herself. Although this does not mean that you need to devote a lot of time to all kinds of hairstyles and styling. But still some attention should be paid to your hair. Try some new hairstyles, experiment. The owners of medium or long hair have a huge field for imagination. Braiding braid on medium hair or long implies some creativity and imagination.

Recently, all kinds of weaving beganextremely popular. The French braid is the basis of almost every weaving. Therefore, any girl should be able to braid her. The scheme of weaving of the French spit is similar to the braiding of an ordinary braid of three strands.

So first you need to learn the weavingbraids in three strands. All hair is gathered in the tail and divided into three strands. The left strand should be put on the middle one, as if it were crossed (now it will be the middle one). Then right again put on top of the middle (before it was left). And again the left strand is over the middle, the right over the middle. And so continue the weaving until the end of the hair. Fix the ends with an elastic band.

French plaiting scheme
French spit

Before we begin to weave braid on mediumhair, it is very important to comb them well, so that when weaving the strands are not confused. The braid of the French braid begins at the top of the head. It is necessary to separate a small strand of hair, divided into three parts and begin to weave as a braid of three strands. In the process, we weave the rest of the hair in a braid, alternately grabbing each side a small strand to one of the three main ones, as shown in the picture to the left. The scheme of weaving the French braid is quite simple and requires only a little practice.

Fish spit

Braiding braid on medium hair allows you to createunusual hairstyles for every day. This hairdo is also a fish spit, sometimes it is also called "spikelet". Braiding the fish spit, something similar to the creation of the French. But only two strands are used. So, combed hair back, you need to separate the two strands from both sides (you can at the temple) and cross them among themselves. Now holding these strands, on the left side of the loose hair, separate the new strand and connect it to the right. Similarly, the right side separates the strand of hair and connects to the left. Thus, the hair crosses with each other. Continue the weave until there are free, unenclosed hair. Next, weave in a similar way. From the left side, separate the small strand of hair on the right side. Also from the right side, separate the same strand and shift it to the left. And so continue to the end of the hair. Fix the tips with a rubber band or a hair clip. Weaving the fish spit can also begin not from the top of the head, but from the tail. This can be seen in the photo.

Braiding braid on medium hair is a great optionalways look beautiful, spending quite a bit of effort and time. Having mastered the main types of two or three strands, you can easily move to a weave of four or more strands. This will further diversify their hairstyles and cause admiration of others.

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