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"Clarisonics": reviews. "Clarisonik" (brush for cleaning the face): for and against

As you know, there is no limit to perfection. Not all girls are absolutely happy with their appearance, most of them are constantly struggling for beauty and has in the arsenal all kinds of skin care products. Creams and masks do not always help to achieve the desired effect, and then more effective means come to the rescue. To such, for example, refers to the device for cleaning the face of "Clariso".

What is this device?

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Line of devices for skin carecontains several models, more detailed information you will find in our article. Reviews "Clarisonik" has won different, they are also presented below. Actually, the "Clarisonic" is a small brush with a handle, in the center of which is the power button. In the operating mode, the unit starts vibrating actively, and the brush rotates. The kit also includes a brush charger and a gel tube for cleaning the face. The main task is that the device "Clarisonics" relieves of a dull complexion, black spots, inflammation, small mimic wrinkles and weners, uneven skin. All of the above skin problems lead to the fact that a woman, trying to disguise them, puts on her face a kilogram of makeup, a thick layer of foundation, and this hammers the pores even more.

The effectiveness of the device "Clarisonics": how it helps to fight the eruptions on the face

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Some womensqueeze pimples and black dots on the skin, and this should not be done in any case. The device "Clarisonics" is an innovative facial care, it is 6 times more effective in combating black dots, removing much more dirt than usual household methods of purification. "Clarisone" is suitable for daily use at home. As a result, you get a smooth, smooth skin, shining from the inside, a beautiful complexion and a minimum of facial wrinkles.

How to use this machine

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The device is unusually simple to operate, namelyso it is ideal for home use. You need to apply cleansing gel on the skin and turn it on. When the brush starts to vibrate, you need to slowly move it over the face. To get a better effect, it is recommended to repeat the procedure twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The process itself does not last long, since the operating time of "Clarisonics" is 30 seconds, after which it automatically turns off. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure by pressing the power button again. After that he will work for another half a minute. Too zealous do not need, for a qualitative cleansing of the face and this time is enough. After using the device, it will not be superfluous to put on the face a caring cream.

Features of models of the device "Clarisonics": models Mia and Mia-2

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Among all the varieties of this device is a specialthe love of consumers won the models Mia and Mia-2. Both of them received positive reviews. "Clarisoner Mia" has also a removable brush for sensitive skin. Buyers who purchased this unit note convenience in use and its compactness. Dimensions miracle brushes are small, so for her there is a place even in the smallest apartment. Owners of problem skin, regularly applied "Clarisonics Mia", were satisfied with the effect. It should be noted that this tool is not a massager, its brush does not rotate, but vibrates, which means that the skin of the face does not injure or stretch. Judging by the reviews, the device is very durable. The brush is recommended to be changed after 3 months of active use, but most consumers note that even after 4 months it remains in good condition. Owners of combined skin also praise this device, reviews "Clarisoner Mia" gets also from them. Thanks to the technology of ultrasonic micro massage, the effect is achieved in a matter of minutes. Women who appreciate the effectiveness of "Clarisone", note the convenience of packaging, as well as the fact that the kit includes instructions and a cover for the device. Therefore it is convenient to take it with you on a trip or on a business trip. The charger is also included.

Reviews about the device "Clarisonic Mia-2"

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"Clarisoner Mia-2" is equipped with a minute timer. After every 20 seconds a click is heard that tells you to switch to another zone. "Clarisonics Mia-2", reviews of which are only positive, is a more advanced model of its predecessor. Its case is made in several colors, but this does not affect the quality. Reviews "Clarisonics Mia-2" contain information about its effectiveness and that with the help of it you can quickly get rid of wrinkles. After a couple of weeks of regular use, black dots for many disappeared, the skin became much softer and more tender. In addition, the complexion leveled, and the pimples girls no longer bothered. However, it should be noted that the device does not have a cumulative effect, that is, if you stop using after a while, minor skin troubles may appear again. But if you use it every day, a clean healthy skin will delight you for a long time.

Conclusions and conclusion, negative feedback

Because the skin of a person is different, you can notsay that this device will be effective for use absolutely for everyone. To find out if this cleansing device is suitable for you, you can, having tested its effect on yourself. Negative feedback "Clariso" did not work. Some consumers note only that they expected the device to have a greater effect, that it did not completely rid them of wrinkles, but that reduced the number of blackheads and small inflammations. Other ladies claim that the black dots became somewhat lighter, but did not completely disappear, but the skin of the face became tender and radiant. Therefore, the effect of the device still exists, for someone it is more pronounced, for someone less. After learning about the cleanser "Clarisonics", the pros and cons, you can conclude that the effect of the device is still there, and that for home use this tool is particularly suitable. The plus of "Clarisonica" is its compactness, ease of use and cleansing gel, included in the kit. The only drawback is its cost, since it is somewhat overstated in online stores. But you can order "Clarisonics" on foreign websites, and its price will be much lower.

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