/ How to choose a shampoo. "Willows Roshe", shampoos: reviews

How to choose a shampoo. "Willows Roshe", shampoos: reviews

Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hair in ourtime says that a person carefully follows his appearance. The whole question is who can spend money on this. Good cosmetics, as a rule, is not cheap. One of the good options for a successful combination of price and quality is the trade mark "Yves Rocher". In this article, we will talk about such a necessary means for hair care, like shampoo.

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"Yves Rocher", whose shampoos are useddemand from women - a cosmetic concern that carefully monitors the quality of its products. Let's talk about a rich assortment of similar products of this company and listen to the feedback of consumers about them.

A few words about the brand "Yves Rocher"

Today, the market is very popularproducts of companies working with natural raw materials. One of them is the concern "Yves Rocher". Shampoo, reviews of which are presented here, cream, perfume, lotion - you will not list all the products of the company. The peculiarity of the means is that they are based only on natural plant components. This raw material is grown by employees of the company in their own fields. The history of the company is more than 50 years. And it all began in one small French town, where Yves Rocher in the attic of his own house made his first cream. This man did not think that he would be very popular, and his products would win the hearts of consumers around the world. But already 10 years after that, he opened his first store.


The company "Yves Rocher" often represents the marketbeauty novelties. One of them has already won the hearts of our women. This is an eco-shampoo for shine. It is worth noting that this product has been certified by Ecolabel, which means that it is absolutely safe for the environment. It contains vitamin E and lemon extract, which is pleasantly refreshing hair and scalp. Washing base of a product of vegetable origin. The manufacturer claims that its effectiveness for washing and shining ringlets is at least 83% (according to the research conducted). What do consumers say about it? Many of them are sure that this product is good, as, indeed, all the goods of "Yves Rocher". Shampoos for hair of this brand are distinguished by transparency, pleasant consistency and neutral smell.

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Concerning this particular meansusers assure that it really gives shine. After it, the hair is well combed, obedient. In negative reviews it is said that this shampoo does not wash the hair properly. Apparently, for a very oily scalp, it does not fit.

For dry and damaged hair

As already mentioned above, the range of productsthis company is unusually wide. So, for dry and damaged hair, it releases a lot of funds, allowing them to make them healthier, silky, smooth and shiny. One of them is a nutritious shampoo with oats.

Shampoo Willow Rosh Shampoo
It does not contain silicone, than "sin" likeproducts to increase the volume of hair. On 98% consists of natural biodegradable components. Many consumers have already tried this shampoo "Yves Rocher". Shampoos of this brand are distinguished by a careful attitude to the hair. However, many buyers did not notice in them this dignity. So, many speak about the fact that this shampoo does not moisturize and does not nourish the hair. After the washing procedure they are electrified and frayed. But positively many women speak about one more means for dry hair - restoring shampoo with jojoba oil. The manufacturer claims that it also does not contain silicone and consists of 96% of natural ingredients. People write that the hair after washing it becomes clean to the creak, silky and soft.

From fat

Than our great-grandmothers washed their hair when their hairquickly becoming greasy? Of course, nettles. So this cosmetic company has added the extract of this herb into the shampoo. Willows Roshe generally likes everything natural. Let's see if the product suited the customers.

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Many of them leave positive reviews, inwho write that the product perfectly foams, well rinses and dries hair, gives them volume. But some users noted that the use of this shampoo led to the appearance of dandruff. And this despite the fact that nettle is considered the number one means of such problems. Apparently, here there is an individual intolerance of this product in some people. In general, we can say that this shampoo "Yves Rocher" is quite effective from oily hair seborrhea.


Improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, poor ecology, illiterate hair care often lead to some problems with them. One of them is dandruff.

Willow Rosh Shampoo Reviews
The company has already taken care of solving it"Willows Roshe". Shampoo, the reviews we will also consider, contains an extract of pomegranate peel. The manufacturer assures that the product acts in three directions at once: it cleanses the scalp, eliminates dandruff and protects against its reappearance. Let's see what our consumers will say about the effectiveness of the product. And they say that they love this "Yves Rocher" shampoo for its good effectiveness. Many of them had dandruff completely after several times of its application. But there are several comments that the problem is not completely solved. People say that dandruff became noticeably smaller, but it did not disappear at all.

For shine

Well-groomed hair is silky and obedient. It is important that they have a healthy shine. And here the company pleased its customers with several new products. Firstly, it is a gentle shampoo for the whole family with an extract of witch hazel. It has an unusually pleasant consistency and a slight unobtrusive aroma. Some users are sure that this is the best shampoo "Yves Rocher". Shampoos of this brand often deserve a positive response from women. Confirmation to this is the next product of this cosmetic concern. This shampoo for shine, smoothness and easy combing 3 in 1 with lime extract. Buyers write that it has an unusually pleasant aroma, good foaming and nourishing hair. After washing them they become obedient and soft, fit well in the hair.

Willow Rosh Shampoo for Hair
A great option for those who are very curlyhair. It should be said about another similar product of the company - shampoo for gray hair "Platinum Reflection". It contains the extract of blue cornflower - a natural caring and tinting agent. In the comments about him it is said that it is often acquired by women with streaked hair. It really gradually gives a beautiful platinum hue to the clarified hair and makes them softer.

Shampoos for hair loss

What natural resources are we trying toUse when our curls unexpectedly thin? Of course, onion and garlic. Masks from them are very effective against this problem. But, unfortunately, after such procedures hair long unpleasant smell. The company "Yves Rocher" found another good natural component that helps stop early allopecia - it is an extract of white lupine. This strengthening shampoo "Yves Rocher" from falling out helps not only to solve this problem, but also accelerates and activates hair growth in the future. Buyers note that after the second application they noticed the result.

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True, some of them had to usehalf the bottle before the hair stopped falling out. To the minuses of this product, in the opinion of all those consumers, it is possible to attribute not quite pleasant herbal smell, poorly fading basis and uneconomical means.

Summing up

Select a shampoo of any brand is based onproblems with hair or scalp. We will sum up all the above and orient readers in choosing the products of this company. We found out that the range of its products is very wide. We were interested in what the customers say, or rather, what their reviews are. "Willows Roshe" - shampoo (jojoba, restorative), which received a lot of high ratings from consumers, and this can be regarded as a good recommendation. Also, the benefits of dandruff and hair loss. People write that this company produces its products taking into account all possible problems with the hair. And they successfully solve them.

We tried to choose the best shampoo "Yves Rocher". Shampoos of this brand are in demand with our customers. Among them, everyone will find a suitable option for themselves.

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