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Nail design with sparkles and other decorations at home.

Creative, artistically designed manicurecan create a unique, individual image of a woman. Some skilled craftsmen work wonders and create stunning masterpieces on the nails of clients. And this is not just a creative daub, it's real art. Especially popular in recent years is the design of nails with sparkles. You do not have to go to the beauty salon to change something in yourself. If you feel that you have enough imagination and talent, you can try to create a manicure with sequins or other decorations yourself, right at home.

There are several rules of home design. First of all, you must have in your arsenal several colored varnishes of basic shades. They will be needed to create a basic basis for any manicure. And regardless of whether you get nail polish with sparkles or just plain monochrome, you need to pay close attention to its odor and consistency. If the varnish has a sharp smell or is too thick, it is better to look for high-quality products in another store. Be sure to look at the expiration date.

If you are new to an area such as designnails with sparkles and other ornaments, then get varnishes in small test flacons. So you get the opportunity to experiment and save at the same time. The novice designer also needs special brushes. Flat brush is needed for priming the nail, and for design you need different sizes.

Nail design with sparkles and other ornamentsrequires the presence of fixatives. So you can fix patterns and drawings, and the life of your manicure will increase significantly. Those who want to save, use an ordinary transparent lacquer fixer. In addition to sparkles, you need to stock up beads, foil, colored threads, feathers, lace, rhinestones, all kinds of ready-made pictures and stencils. Now also piercing on nails is popular. In order to implement it, you need a small drill and different pendants. Be sure to buy glue to fix all kinds of items on the nails.

The design of nails with sparkles has manyvariations. You can start with the use of dry micro-globules. They just need to be applied to nails that have just been varnished in any color. The easiest option is to drop them in random order. Harder it will be to draw a pattern with sequins. After the varnish dries, you need to brush off the excess glitter with a soft brush, and apply a fixer on top.

Very tender, original and attractiveIt looks like the design of nails with sequins, where they are printed on the tips. Despite the simplicity and simplicity, this idea in the end looks quite impressive. You can add to the classic French manicure: the usual strip of white color in this case, you just add decorative elements: piercings, sequins or rhinestones.

Sequins can be used and, applying floralmotives. This is done with the help of the finest brushes. But be prepared for the fact that painting nails requires the master of patience, diligence, painstakingness and artistic ability. If you do not have any, then ready-made pictures and various stencils come to the rescue. Particularly useful if you need a beautiful manicure, and especially to scratch over the nails no time.

Nail design and manicure are creative work andoften complex. Not everyone will stand a long sitting in one place and perform such painstaking actions. But if you feel some talent and artistic taste, you do not need to pay money in the salons, you can decorate yourself without leaving home. After all, the hands should always be kept in order.

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