/ How to get rid of stretch marks on the pope?

How to get rid of stretch marks on the pope?

Stretch marks, or stria, are scars onSkin, which can have a shade from white to red-violet. In themselves they do not cause inconvenience. But at the same time, they greatly spoil the aesthetic appearance. That's why many people dream of getting rid of them. Of course, prevention is best. However, if the stretch marks did appear, getting rid of them will not be so easy.

General rules

The reasons for the appearance of stretch marks are quite a lot. Most often they arise because of a sudden change in body weight, pregnancy, and in addition, often the cause of their appearance is a genetic predisposition. Regardless of the cause of the occurrence of striae on the skin, there are general principles for dealing with them. They will help both to get rid of stretch marks on the pope, and on other parts of the body.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact,that fighting stretch marks is most effective within six months after you notice their appearance. Old striae completely cleaned at home is impossible. Nevertheless, with due care, skin deformities will become almost imperceptible. Getting rid of stretch marks occurs gradually.

One of the main rules of fighting stretch marks -A complex approach. Using only one method, getting rid of the striae will be extremely difficult. Only by applying several funds at once, it will be possible to count on a noticeable and lasting effect.

You can get rid of stretch marks at home,but you can go to a specialist. This is the best option for those who are interested in how to get rid of stretch marks on the pope in a short time. In any case, to remove the striae you will need to adjust the composition of the diet, the regime of the day and use special procedures for skin care.

Creams from stretch marks

Modern cosmetic companies offera wide range of special creams and gels for fighting stretch marks. You can also use folk remedies, prepare a cream at home. Here a big role is played by the fact that any such means should be used regularly. Apply them to the well-cleansed skin.

One of the most popular and effective means,which can be prepared at home, is a cream with a mummy. To do this, you need 80-100 grams of baby cream and 1 gram of natural mummies. The latter should be warmed and mixed with the cream and placed in an airtight jar. It is best to store the resulting composition in a dark cool place. This is the best tool for those who are wondering how to get rid of stretch marks on the pope.

Essential oils from stretch marks

Creams based on essential oils and other products withtheir content is considered to be one of the most effective means of preventing and combating stretch marks. In itself, essential oils should not be used. They need to be added to the basic ones. For example, for 20 ml of olive oil, it is enough to add 3 drops of lavender, juniper and lemon oil. The resulting oil must be rubbed into the skin. If you apply it on your skin and wrap it with plastic wrap for 20 minutes, you will get rid of stretch marks on the pope and cellulite. Orange oil is also quite often used to fight stretch marks.

Wraps against stretch marks

To combat stretch marks, the skin needs goodfood and hydration. Wraps are best suited for this task. Algal wraps effectively remove excess moisture and toxins from the body, while saturating the skin with useful substances, contribute to improving the metabolism in the body.

Before beginning treatment of stretch marks,consult with a specialist, make sure that you do not have any allergies to oils. Throughout the process, you must adhere to a healthy diet and a generally healthy lifestyle, avoid stress. When starting to struggle with stretch marks, it is necessary to remember that this is a long process and the visible result will not appear immediately. With due diligence and patience, you will achieve great, lasting success.

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