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Permanent make-up: reviews of the procedure

Although the art of micropigmentation for todaythe day is becoming more popular, for sure not everyone knows what is permanent make-up. From a medical point of view, this is a procedure in which a pigment or colorant is injected into the skin to a depth of up to 0.8 millimeters. If you look at this procedure from the consumer side, then this service helps to look perfect always, regardless of the time of day and the circumstances. In addition, now it does not take much effort and time. In order to change the shape of the eyebrows or eyelids, and also the lips for a long period, permanent make-up, reviews about which in most cases are the most positive, is a wonderful way. With its help, you can even change the color of the eyebrows and lips. In translation, "permanent" means "persistent".

permanent make-up reviews
There are two types of such art - decorative and natural make-up. In the first case, the effect of a painted face is obtained, and in the second case, the natural features remain.

In order to apply a permanent make-up,reviews about which are mostly good, use special equipment. Or do this procedure manually. The manual method is less traumatic, in this case everything heals quickly, and the pain sensations are minimal.

what is permanent makeup
In order to emphasize the line of eyelashes of both the lower and upper eyelids, permanent make-up is used.

In addition, with his help you can make eyelashes visually more magnificent, they will look thicker.

The eyes after such a procedure will become much more expressive.

In order to give the eyebrows a more beautiful shape, it is enough to make a quality permanent eyebrow make-up, customer reviews confirm this.

Now you can safely put aside tweezers,because they will not be needed anymore. Having performed a permanent make-up, the reviews note that eyebrows can be made brighter or thicker, and maybe completely change their shape.

permanent eyebrow makeup reviews
In today's world, when women leada dynamic lifestyle, just an unacceptably long time to spend on applying makeup. And here the real makeup will be the real salvation, the reviews about him are so good that there are more and more people wishing to make such a procedure. Causes, according to which women are solved for permanent make-up, quite a lot. This is also a health problem, when it is necessary to hide problem areas of the skin due to a lack of pigmentation, and an allergy to mascara and other cosmetics. It is difficult to apply makeup when wearing contact lenses due to eye problems. And here, too, permanent tattooing will come to the rescue.

There are reasons why you can not dosuch procedure. So, if there are contraindications, then complications after tattooing are possible. It is necessary to warn the master about the presence of allergic reactions and serious diseases. Of the contraindications, diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent form), poor blood clotting, severe somatic diseases should be noted. In addition, acute inflammatory diseases and neoplasms of unknown etiology, as well as mental disorders and epilepsy, should be added to this list.

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