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These hair on the pope: the questions of epilation are so intimate!

The easiest way to eliminate unnecessaryvegetation on the buttocks is, of course, an ordinary shaving machine and a lot of shaving foam. The disadvantages of this method are, as you know, not the most convenient place of the body - you will have to shave by touch, either with the help of a mirror system, or trust a razor in someone's reliable hands. But just a couple of days after the procedure, the hair on the pop will start to stab, and shaving will become a permanent procedure, without which you simply can not live - who will like it if a fluffy peach suddenly turns into a cactus.

It is generally accepted that the problem is superfluousHairy buttocks refers mainly to men. However, many women, especially dark-skinned brunettes, can tell in secret what truly titanic efforts are being made to get rid of the hair on the buttocks. Even more troubles deliver hair in the interannual area, and then you can not shave off just shaving. How to get rid of hair on the pope, without forcing yourself into a chain of continuous shaving, because in most cases it is associated with problems of an inflammatory nature? You can use radical ways to get rid of unwanted hair, for example, a variety of methods of hair removal. Cream for depilation can be a good option if you just need to remove hair on the pope, that is, on the buttocks themselves. If it is an interannual zone, then you should not use chemistry, too thin skin, the proximity of the mucous membrane also imposes a responsibility.

Wax depilation, too, can not be consideredthe ideal option, if we consider just the total elimination of hair, down to the most delicate places. Of course, especially brave women of the fair sex agree to such a procedure, but still it's pretty painful. But laser hair removal and photoepilation suggest not just hair removal, but also a completely painless procedure with a lasting result forever. In beauty salons they know exactly how to remove hair on the pope, without traumatizing the delicate skin in the inter-salutary zone. Total epilation of a bikini involves the complete removal of hair in the perineum, an exception may be a thin strip of pubic hair left literally for artistic purposes.

However, do not forget that the standards,which are actively promoted by glossy magazines, are not dogmas, and for some, hair on the pope is not at all a disadvantage, rather it is piquant and peculiar charm. Ultimately, the vegetation cover may interfere with hygiene procedures, and from a practical point of view, it may be desirable to remove it. But if he does not interfere with hygiene, does not introduce a negative into his personal life, then there is no need to engage in regular balancing exercises with a razor or to rush into a beauty salon.

For many women and men, the problem isthe very formulation of the question: how can one go to a beauty salon to remove hair from the pope, while in a far from an aesthetic position one must lie before an absolutely stranger. Psychological discomfort can be so strong that even a visit to the dentist fades before him, and if for a woman regular visits to a gynecologist can be considered a kind of vaccination from excessive shyness, then men are not too willing to use the services of beauty salons, and here too intimate service. We have to admit that even if someone does not like the extra hair on the buttocks, then simply because of the impossibility of going to the beauty salon, you either have to leave everything as is, or - the razor, a lot of shaving foam, and a lot of patience.

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