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How to remove hair on your legs forever: salon and home treatments

The human body, both women and men,covered with hair, in some places abundant. Nature created us like that. However, the fashion for hairiness of the weaker sex is unreal, since the time of the ancient Egyptian beauties it has been accepted to admire the smoothness and tenderness of the female skin. Especially the beautiful half of humanity at all times excruciated the question "how to remove hair on my legs forever?" To get an answer to it became possible only today, thanks to innovative developments in science, medicine and technology.

How to remove hair on legs forever
What is this method? To begin with, it should be noted that there are several. And you can always remove hair on your legs at home, that is, without resorting to a beauty salon. However, we will start, perhaps, with the salon procedures, they are the most effective. One of the methods is electrolysis. Using it, you can learn by your own example how to remove hair on your feet forever. The effect of this method of epilation is to damage the hair bulbs by discharging an electric current. The time of one electrolysis session is no more than 10 minutes. However, that the hair on the legs do not appear again, you need to go through several such procedures.

Another way - ultrasonic hair removal. It is often offered in beauty salons to women interested in how to remove hair on their feet forever. This method involves the use of a modern electrical apparatus and gel, which treat the skin of the legs after depilating it with wax.

To remove hair on legs or foots for ever
The first procedure removes the client from the hairbulbs that are in the active phase of growth. Subsequent sessions destroy all other hair follicles, saving the woman from the scalp on her legs forever. However, this procedure has a huge drawback. Together with hair bulbs, the surrounding skin cells are destroyed, which is harmful to the body as a whole. This method is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance and is very undesirable for the bikini zone.

Laser hair removal - the most modern,painless and safe answer to the question "how to remove hair on your feet forever." Cells of hair bulbs under the influence of the laser instantly heated, and then destroyed. But, unfortunately, laser hair removal is useless to use to remove light colored hair, since it is effective only on dark hair. In addition, this method is ineffective for owners of very dark and dark skin.

How to remove hair on legs
The above three ways of getting rid ofhair on the legs, are available only in the salon conditions. But you can cope with this problem at home, using the following recipe. You need to take 200 grams of sugar and pour a little powdered citric acid (about half a teaspoon). Mixing, dilute the mixture of three tablespoons of cold water. This mass must be cooked, stirring, until it turns into a thick paste. Even hot it should be applied to the skin with the hair, which you need to get rid of, and when drying out with a sharp movement, tear off this sugar mass along with unnecessary hair. Then, for several days, the so treated areas should be wiped with a special solution prepared in advance. This is a tincture made of uncooked pine nuts. 30-40 grams of the latter should be filled with vodka or alcohol (0.5 liters) and insist in dark dishes for a month. To permanently get rid of unnecessary hair in this way, the procedure should be repeated four to five times.

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