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Stretch marks on the skin: causes and treatment

Every woman knows first-hand what isstretch marks on the skin. Some of us have successfully passed this problem, but those who did get them, start looking for a variety of ways to get rid of this ugly cosmetic defect. Just get rid of them, oh, how difficult. It should be noted that it is unlikely to completely get rid of stretch marks. All that will be possible is to make them less visible.

So, what is stretch marks on the skin? By them is meant the defeat of the skin, caused by a violation of the synthesis of skin proteins: collagen and elastin. These proteins are responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, but if their number becomes insufficient, the skin becomes thinner and, as a consequence, tears occur. Subsequently, such areas are replaced by a connective tissue. And stretch marks are formed. Initially, they have a pink or purple color, since the connective tissue contains capillaries. Over time, the number of capillaries decreases, and stretch marks on the skin begin to turn white. It should be noted that the tissue does not include melanin, so when lighting up, stretch marks do not darken, remaining white. Most stretch marks appear on the abdomen, hips, chest and in the region of the axillary basins.

What are the causes of stretch marks? First of all, this pregnancy, when there is excessive overstretch of the skin, as well as rapid weight gain, when the fats are deposited faster than the skin area increases. Also, stretch marks can appear in the following cases: sudden weight loss, the presence of endocrine disease, a long course of hormones (glucocorticoids).

How to prevent stretch marks? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, but the general recommendations are as follows: during pregnancy, you can use special creams and lotions that increase the elasticity of the skin; if you want to lose weight, then do it slowly, without resorting to diets; to monitor their diet, not to overeat and undergo medical examinations. With thyroid disease, the likelihood of stretch marks is very high. Therefore, the sooner a disease is discovered, it will be easier to prevent scarring.

How to get rid of stretch marks? As mentioned above, this is very difficult. Today on sale you can find a large number of different creams against stretch marks. It is worth noting that only thanks to them, get rid of scars on the skin will not work. Treatment is complex and not always effective. What helped one may not suit others at all. Cosmetic salons also offer a variety of treatments, many of which are quite effective. For example, you can try mesotherapy (inserting special drugs into the area of ​​the stretch marks through the injections) and ozone therapy (introduction under the gas code). The latter procedure is very painful, but it helps to fight not only with stretch marks, but also cellulite.

Traditional medicine has also been searching foreffective remedies against stretch marks. For example, you can try this tool: take insoluble ground coffee and mix with vegetable oil or shower gel and rubbed over the skin. Further, it is necessary to rub the particles of coffee into the skin in a circular motion. To achieve a good result, the procedure must be done every day.

Also make skin stitches on the skin more visiblecan be done with a massage, which should be carried out using the following mixture. You need to take 30 ml of almond oil, 4 drops of neroli oil, 15 ml of avocado, 15 ml of wheat germ and 2 drops of geranium, marigold and marigold oil. All components must be mixed and rubbed into problem areas after taking a bath or shower.

It is worth noting that it is easier to fight with young stretches. With a lot of diligence from them you can and do get rid of (but not always), but the old can only be reduced and made less visible.

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