/ Hairdresser 's fantasies. Beautiful braid plaiting

Hairdresser's fantasies. Beautiful braid plaiting

When a girl has long hair, it's not onlyromantic and very feminine, but also practical. You can experiment with them, making each day a new hairstyle. Thus, a female representative will always look beautiful, interesting and unique. Schemes and instructions on the topic "beautiful braiding of the spit" is very much. You can buy special magazines with hairstyles or watch master classes, video lessons. The process is fairly easy, and every woman can learn how to make spectacular hairstyles.

beautiful plaiting braids

The most popular braids, of course, areFrench. They are ideal for visiting holidays, receptions and even weddings. At the same time, it is recommended that you first master the technique and do not leave everything for later, since the first time it can not work out, and from the second one too. Therefore, the girl needs to practice before the holiday, then to not be in an embarrassing situation without a ready hairstyle. Many beauties prefer to weave "French waterfall". At first glance, it may seem complicated, in fact, everything is very easy. The beautiful plaiting of the braid largely depends on the length and structure of the hair. For example, a waterfall can be made and medium, sometimes even short hair, and above the haircut called "Snake" will need to work. It requires a large amount of hair, and they must be thick and elastic. In fact, this braid is inverted.


To make a beautiful weaving, the braids mustbe symmetrical, only the size that hairstyle implies, and neat. For example, "Snake" throughout the work should withstand the thickness of the product in 3-3.5 cm. Agree, if you make a braid at the base width of 4 cm, the middle - 5 cm, and the rest of the hair - 3 cm, the result will not look very nice . Technique of a hairdress "Snake" is very simple: for the beginning it is necessary to weave from the temple the French inverted, while we only need to weave the side strands from the side of the forehead. Then continue to the ear and change direction - weave strands on the other side. Likewise, we continue our work. It turns out a very unusual and beautiful plaiting braids. You can also vary your hair, slightly stretching the strands from it. The tip of the hair can be interesting to decorate, for example, by making a flower or rings.

French braids are considered one of the mostcharming in the world. Nowadays there are so many of them that it gives an opportunity for any girl to choose her hair style. The technique of weaving is rather easy, the main thing is to sort it out, and then things will go smoothly. Braiding the braid of 5 strands is the most difficult, but also the most romantic and airy hairstyle. It appeared only recently, but already conquered all with its splendor. Some believe that making such a miracle with hair is an arduous task.

braiding of a braid from 5 locks

You can also braid the baubles, oblique weave will givethe ability to decorate a hairstyle, for example, with a ribbon. The technique is very simple, and the result is quick and interesting. In fact, whatever kind of hair you do not imagine, everything is possible, the main thing is to practice a little. And using your own imagination, you can change the standard version beyond recognition.

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