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How to Apply Makeup: Practical Tips

Every woman dreams to look the best. Regardless of age or social status. The desire for beauty lies in the woman's soul. Believe me, it's really not that difficult to be beautiful at all. The most important thing is to love yourself and enjoy every moment in life. Well, and make a little effort to emphasize your dignity with the help of well-chosen means of caring and decorative cosmetics.

In this article, we learn how to properly applymakeup to look beautiful and attractive. The art of proper make-up is wanted to comprehend both young girls and women of age. How to apply makeup day and night? What to focus on: on the eyes or lips? For all these and other questions, you will receive an answer in this article.

Always remember the most basic rule whenmakeup - it should make you more attractive. Many women are interested in how to apply makeup, but do not think about the fact that it's not only the technical part that is important. It must be remembered that makeup should be suitable for the type and color of the face, emphasize your advantages and skillfully hide the flaws.

Let's deal with day and evening make-up. How it differs, and how to apply makeup depending on the time of day.

Daytime make-up is used most often,so every woman should be able to correctly apply it. Daytime makeup involves moderation in the amount of cosmetics and colors. This make-up will be your decoration for the whole day, so you need to take care of the quality of the cosmetics you choose. Another secret of how to correctly apply makeup in the daytime is light and pastel colors. Prefer blue, pink, pearly, beige, peach colors and shades. The main emphasis should be made before the eyes. Do not use too bright and provocative lipstick. So you will look more attractive and feminine. Knowing how to properly apply makeup during the day, apply the knowledge gained in practice. As for foundation, then it should fit the complexion, masking minor skin imperfections. For daytime eye makeup use a black pencil, as well as mascara black or brown. More vivid and creative colors save for the evening.

Evening makeup is designed to fascinate and attractAttention. How to apply makeup in the evening? Here the flight of your imagination is unlimited. Feel free to choose bright shades and bold decisions. The tonal cream can be darker than the natural skin color, bright lighting will make your face shining and attractive. In the evening, you can not do without the proper blush. The color scale can be more intense than in the daytime. Makeup eyes decorate mother-of-pearl shimmering shadows and bright, colored mascara. You can use eyeliner. Speaking of lipstick, here, too, you can be more relaxed and seductive. Bright lipstick will be just in time. But do not overdo it: if the make-up of the eyes is too expressive and bright, lipstick should be chosen more calm shades.

Always use quality cosmetics fromproven manufacturers. Even if you know everything about how to properly apply makeup, but the makeup will be of poor quality, you will not achieve the desired result. Even very correctly applied mascara will not beautify the makeup, if it has the property of crumbling an hour after application. And who will see your bright lipstick if in half an hour she is no longer noticeable on her lips? Therefore, never forget the quality of the makeup.

Do not be afraid to experiment, try on new images and change the style. If you do it wisely, you will always be irresistible. Good luck on the way to perfection!

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