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Deodorant for shoes as a remedy for removing unpleasant odors

For many centuries people have been using shoes, and onlyThe 20th century brought many small and large inventions, which are designed to facilitate and ennoble human life. A deodorant for shoes is one such invention.

Causes of unpleasant odor

Means for the care of footwear
Unpleasant odors from shoes can appear for the following reasons:

  • Cheap, substandard shoes.
  • Non-compliance with personal hygiene.
  • Increased sweating of legs due to illness or fungus.

Whatever the reason, the only way out is to use a good deodorant for shoes. Deodorants for the feet can be divided into the following types:

  • sprays;
  • pills;
  • creams;
  • sticks, pads;
  • folk remedies for the care of shoes.

Let us consider in more detail these kinds of deodorants.

Spray for shoes

Easy to use, available. They are odorless and aromatic, so each consumer can choose a deodorant to their liking. The market is widely represented, as each manufacturer of quality footwear produces such kind of sprays. Multifunctional: in addition to eliminating unpleasant odor, have an antifungal effect. The shortcomings include a fast ability to end.

Deodorant for shoes in the form of a stick

Good deodorant
Significantly cheaper sprays are made in the form ofpencils; in comparison with sprays, ticks enough for a long time. Negative aspects: when used inside shoes often break, in the CIS markets such sticks are a rarity.

Aromatic tablets

This deodorant for shoes was designedinitially for athletes. The principle of action is as follows: inside the shoes at night put an aromatic tablet that neutralizes the unpleasant odor, kills the fungus. Manufacturers of such tablets guarantee the result of the action after three hours of finding the remedy inside the shoe. Negative side: sold in large sports stores, high cost.

Cream for odor neutralization

It was developed more than twenty years ago by doctors formilitary, occupies a leading position in sales, has been repeatedly tested by soldiers in action. Such cream is applied to the foot before shoeing. It is able to block the odor for five to fifteen days. The principle of its action is that the natural components of the cream destroy bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. The cream does not include aluminum, chemical dyes and additives, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Fragrant pads

Deodorant for shoes
The main advantage of this tool is its low price. Pads are more suitable for those who just want to dry their shoes, and not to remove the unpleasant odor.

Folk remedies

If you could not find in your hometown deodorantfor shoes, you can try to make it yourself. To do this, you need to take aromatic oil, a sock or a scarf made of cotton fabric. Mix the drops of your favorite oils (choose at will), drop 6-8 drops on a shawl or sock and put it on the night in a shoe or boot, while wrapping the place where the drops were applied, inward, so as not to soil the inside of the shoes. The next morning shoes will exude a pleasant smell.

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