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"Aleran" for eyelashes: reviews

Eyes with chic thick eyelashes, of course,rivet a sidelong glance. How to achieve this effect, when you have to regularly use makeup? No matter how wonderful it may be, its composition still affects the quality and growth of eyelashes. Their loss in a small amount is considered normal, because with the renewal of the scalp, losses are tolerated. But what to do, when the thinning of the eyelashes, the eyebrow makes you worry?

alerana for eyelashes
The eyelashes regularly need to apply nutritiousmeans for restoration and strengthening. The Russian pharmaceutical company "Vertex" presents the drug "Alerana" - a spray for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes. The drug restores the structure of the hair, saturates the color, stimulates growth, and also has protective properties.

"Alerana" for eyelashes

Reviews about the caregiver are ambiguous. Some users were delighted with the drug, other changes were not found for the better. Let's try to understand the composition of the tool and the recommendations for its use. The structure of the hair shaft is thinned due to an aggressive environment associated with improper care and permanent decoration of the eye area of ​​the face. Do not forget about cleaning eyelashes from cosmetics, as well as about nutrients. "Alerana" for the eyelashes and eyebrows consists of a day and night formula. Accordingly, the caring effect "lasts" round the clock. In the daytime the agent stimulates growth and protects from the negative impact of the environment through a specially developed formula. The night care formula nourishes and moistens the base of the eyelashes, restores the structure and natural pigment of the hair. Apply the product after washing on the hair growth line, distributing along the entire length. The course of application is from one to three months and is repeated 2 times a year.

alerana spray

Consumer Opinions

Means for "Alerana" for eyelashes, reviews about whichspeak about positive results, improve their appearance, structure. It is an excellent basis for mascara, as it protects the hairs from the effects of decorative cosmetics and the environment (scorching sun, wind, frost). Eyelashes and eyebrows acquire length, density, healthy shine and rich color. The same means of "Aleran" for eyelashes, reviews of which are less positive, has a different effect. Many using it noticed a backlash - eyelashes began to fall out more intensively. Some have an irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, although the manufacturer claims that the tool is approved by ophthalmologists.

alerana for eyelashes


Analyzing the composition of "Aleran" for eyelashes, consumer feedback, we can draw certain conclusions:

  • Components that stimulate growth and improvethe quality of the eyelashes should be beneficial and fulfill all the functions declared by the manufacturer with proper storage, compliance with the instructions for use.
  • The effect may not satisfy the consumer if there is a disease associated with a violation of certain functions of the body, as well as intolerance to a particular component of the remedy.


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