/ How to choose the right hard drive for a laptop?

How to choose the right hard drive for a laptop?

If you are interested in this topic, then seriously thinking about replacing your hard drive. And as you already know, you can not install a hard drive from a stationary computer into the laptop.

Winchester for laptop
Not only because of the size (form factor fornotebooks - 2.5 ", and for monoblocks - 3.5"), but also because of the specifics of the work. In laptops, unfortunately, not a lot of free internal space and thermoregulation is very difficult, which does not benefit either the laptop as a whole, or its individual components. By the way, hard drives have overheating more often than other components, so a hard drive for a laptop should necessarily have such properties: noiselessness, reliability and low heat dissipation.

Of course, you can always buy a hard drive forlaptop, which has a huge number of revolutions per minute, but are you ready to take such a risk? A distinctive feature of high-speed models is that, despite the high performance, they heat up very quickly and make a lot of noise.

But with such equipment you always need to beespecially cautious, since a laptop hard drive is the place where all your personal information is stored, and its breakdown will also result in the loss of valuable data. In addition, after overheating of the hard drive, as a rule, something else is overheating.

Buy a hard drive for a laptop
Better choose a hard drive with a speed of 5400revolutions per minute and with a small capacity of 250-500 gigabytes. Or, if you do not want to lose performance, install an SSD drive or connect an external storage device.

SSDs are used in their worksolid state elements, which means the following: they provide an incredible speed of operation, they are compact and absolutely silent. But, despite such a number of advantages, SSDs have their drawbacks, which include the price and the amount of disk space.

For example, a fairly good SSD model for an Intel 520 laptop with a memory capacity of only 180Gb costs about $ 200. But, as users of these drives say, quality must be paid.

External hard disk wd
External storage, in turn, is cheap andIt is unpretentious, but it does not suit the role of the main hard disk. Such a hard drive for a laptop is often used to further increase the available disk space. It is not superfluous to say a few words about the companies-producers. According to the results of various Internet surveys, it was possible to establish that the most reliable manufacturers of such devices are three companies: Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital. External hard drive WD, by the way, is the most popular choice for owners of SSD-drives. After all, this way inside the laptop you will get a quiet high-speed device for your system and various kinds of programs, and on an external hard disk you can store a variety of information that you can not even take with you when the laptop is on the road.

Let's summarize. Problems with drives occur in notebook owners quite often. And if something happened to your disc, a 3D HDD, or a fast and quiet SSD is at your service. And to increase the memory (without access to the hardware of the computer), look at the external hard drives.

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