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How to turn on the bluetooth on the laptop "Asus"? Bluetooth software

Well, today we have to figure out howturn on the bluetooth on the laptop "Asus". There are several options, and they are all quite easy to learn. Even the novice user can solve this question. However, it is necessary to understand some of the nuances. Let's try to make out how you can connect the bluetooth on the laptop "Asus".

how to turn on bluetooth on an asus laptop

Turn on the keyboard

The first method is the simplest. And it suits those who have just bought a laptop with an already installed operating system. Typically, to enable this function, simply press a few buttons on the keyboard.

Turn on the laptop. After that, find the button on the keyboard that is responsible for enabling additional functions (usually it is signed by Fn). Click on it. While holding the key, look for the icon of the Bluetooth icon on the buttons (often F1-F12). Sometimes it can represent an antenna. Click on the appropriate button and look at the screen. "Bluetooth On" appears and disappears quickly. That's all. Now we know how to turn on the bluetooth on the laptop "Asus".

Bluetooth adapter

But this is not the only option for inclusion. The thing is that sometimes on Asus laptops there is no Bleutooth function. And in this case it will not be possible to just deal with the question posed.

What to do in this case? You will have to install a special adapter-bluetooth on your computer. He himself, as a rule, represents the most usual flash drive. Just plug it in the USB slot, so you turn on Bluetooth. But this will not be enough. We will have to conduct some simple manipulations, which will certainly help you to solve the question posed. In addition, after connecting the adapter, it is necessary to do the same steps as described above. For example, if you have just reinstalled the operating system, then after the function is enabled on the keyboard this service will not work. What to do? How to turn on the bluetooth on the laptop "Asus"?

bluetooth program


The first step is to install the drivers on the computer. Without them, no equipment will not work on the laptop. And this issue is difficult for some users.

Drivers (bluetooth) for the laptop "Asus" are selectedfor each model. You can download them on the official website of the manufacturer or by using the Windows Update Center. By the way, the second option is more popular. The driver is located in the important updates section. If for some reason it is not there, then look at the optional. Download the drivers and install them on your computer. After that, restart the operating system.

But that is not all. How to turn on the bluetooth on the laptop "Asus"? To do this, there is still something to be done. You can try now to use the keyboard and the Fn button, but there will not be much use. And rightly, because there is another important component.

bluetooth on the laptop asus


This is a specialized program for bluetooth. On laptops and computers, Bluetooth will not work without it, more precisely, you will not be able to search for devices and connect to them.

What needs to be done to improve the situation? You need a Bluetooth program that will match your laptop model. If you bought a flash drive to connect a function, then often this kind of application is bundled with the device. Next, you will have to install the program and restart the operating system.

As you can see, nothing is complicated in this. The Bluetooth program is downloaded, as a rule, from the official website of the laptop manufacturer or from any trusted hosting. After that, start the initialization. After a few minutes of waiting and following the instructions written in the installer, the program will be installed. That's all the problems are solved. Now we know how to turn on the bluetooth on the laptop "Asus".


From all of the above, we can conclude thatconnecting a Bluetooth function to a computer is not so difficult. Only there are several recommendations for carrying out this process. Their compliance will save you from many problems that may arise due to improper installation.

driver bluetooth for laptop asus

For example, it is better to first install the programfor Bleutooth, and only then drivers. Note that sometimes this process is performed automatically. In this case, do not look for new content. Use what was installed during the driver's search and initialization.

Make sure that the application matches youroperating system, as well as laptop models. If there are no suitable options in the list of drivers and programs, try to find the right one for your model. Otherwise, contact the professionals.

In truth, set the bluetooth on the laptop"Asus" can be basically only on Windows operating systems. With the rest of the software will have to tinker. Practice shows that in the case of installed MacOS or Linux, it is better to take the computer to a service center. There you quickly solve the problem of installing and turning on the bluetooth.

What is Bluetooth for?

But why do I need Bluetooth on my computer? To be honest, there is no unambiguous answer. Nevertheless, this technology has long been included in the list of mandatory software on laptops. It makes life much easier. Now that we have understood how to turn on the bluetooth on the Asus laptop, you can give several options for using this service. Perhaps you can do without it.

Remote computer management is the firstoption of using Bluetooth technology. Not the most common phenomenon, but it has a place to be. With the help of the program and the additional device, you are able to control the operating system wirelessly.

install bluetooth on laptop asus

Data transfer when using home gadgets. It's about smartphones and tablets. With the help of bluetooth all data is transmitted to both sides quickly and easily.

In addition, it should be noted that whenWith Bluetooth, you can connect a variety of components to your computer. Joysticks, gamepads, mice, keyboards - all this can work with the connected bluetooth. As you can see, this service is very useful. And now we know all the nuances that concern the process of installing and enabling the function on the laptops "Asus".

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