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How in Windows 8 to return the button "Start"? Operating system Windows 8. 1

One of the most controversial changesWindows 8 interface - the "Start" menu disappears. Dozens of developers, fortunately, offer their own answers to the question of how to return to the "Start" button in Windows 8. We will talk about the programs that allow this to happen today.

From scratch

The concept of Windows 8 interface went counter towith everything that users of Windows versions get used to, beginning with "95" and up to "7". The "tiled" interface has found supporters, but there are also those who treat "improvements" quite ambiguously. After a while, some users will undoubtedly put up with unusual cursor movements to turn off the computer.

as in windows 8 return start button

Get used to the rapid hit in special"Hot" corners of the display. However, dissatisfied exclamations that it is simply necessary to return the "Start" button in Windows 8 will sound for a long time. With it, many started working with a computer every day. Developers have come to the idea of ​​creating a disconnectable button, tracking the number of users who will exchange the classic "Start" for the current "patch" of the metro interface. Representatives of Microsoft, which was introduced to the operating system, said that the "Start" button is no longer needed, since the entire screen can be turned into a single solid menu.

Perhaps it is. Probably, the fact that the "Start" button is gone, there are a number of advantages. However, at present, the demand for various programs for the resuscitation of the traditional system interface is quite high. Therefore, we turn to a direct discussion of software products.

Power 8 program

First, let's look at how to return the Start button in Windows 8 using Power 8.

operating system
After installing the program in the corner of the displaythe "Start" button immediately appears. However, in appearance it is slightly different from the usual: in size, the new button is similar to the button for minimizing open windows, which is located in the lower right corner of the taskbar.

If such a small "Start" button for Windowsyou do not fit, it's okay, because in the settings you can change the sizes. "Power 8", in addition, allows you to lock the system start screen on the main monitor. In the case of using a configuration in which there are several monitors, on an additional desktop the "hot corner", which allows to call the tiled interface, will work correctly. If an error occurs while the application is running, the button will show an exclamation point.

windows 8 1

Comfort in use

You will be returned to the "Start" button for 8 "Windows",which includes a menu that has commands to reboot and shutdown the PC. There are other details that make the work more convenient. Many items have nested menus. For example, the user can access the commands of the control panel and all the features of the "Administration" tool.

Alternative "Start" has a search - it worksquickly, as the original element, which has the operating system Windows 7. Search queries can now be performed both on your local disk and in large search engines. To open a search in the browser, you need to enter a special key in front of the desired word to access a particular search service. Power 8 is able to search in Bing, Google, Wikipedia and Yandex. The parameters of the online search keys are available in the program settings.

ViStart 8: about differences and similarities

Next, we'll look at how to set the start button with "ViStart 8". The Start menu created by the program is almost the same as in the previous versions of Windows.

how to set the start button

But if you look closely, you can seecertain differences. For example, application shortcuts that are present in the ViStart menu can not be placed in the taskbar, nor can you drag a specific shortcut to the installed button to fix it in the Start menu.
Search is not working the best way - he is only looking fordesktop programs and ignores Windows 8 1 applications, as well as the "Control Panel" sections. The "Win" key is intercepted by the program, and when it is pressed, a menu appears. Using the "ViStart" settings, you can disable the support of this button. It is easy to change the design of the "Start" by selecting a graphic template that includes funny drawings.

More about the design and not only

missing start button

The program works, including with Windows 8 1, andby default includes several options for registration, among which is the Apple logo - bitten apple. The program settings can be accessed using the context menu - it opens by clicking on the shortcut of this program, which hit the notification area.

If you disable the display of this shortcut, you canFor a long time puzzle over how to open the settings window again. In fact, everything is simple - all the commands for managing the program you will find in the section of the completion of work, which provides the operating system Windows.

For what it is necessary to make a special label, placing it in the notification area - it is not entirely clear, as well as the reasons for the appearance of the item with the settings in the "Shutdown".

start button for windows

Start 8

Now we will deal with the program "Start 8"as in Windows 8, return the "Start" button with it. The application is developed by a well-known company called StarDock and is able to offer almost everything a Windows 8 user needs, missing the "Start" button.

The added menu is integrated into the operating system completely and supports the launch and search of applications for Windows, and in addition, desktop programs.
Note that after the program "Start 8"will be launched, a special window appears, with which you can configure the settings and appearance of the Start menu. You can call the specified function later if you want to change the settings that were set earlier.

Playing with style

The first thing that offers us to choose a program -it's style. Pressing the "Start" button can launch a menu similar to the one on Windows 7, or a startup screen that distinguishes Windows 8 from other systems. As for the appearance of the button itself, it can be different, for example, stylized for the logo or the Windows flag.
In addition, in the arsenal of the program a whole set ofvarious images for buttons that are familiar to users on previous versions of Windows - from "XP" to "7". After adjusting the appearance of the menu and the button, go to the content. The program is able to display recently launched applications, as well as highlight installed programs.

We fill up at will

The user can set up links thatare in the right section of the menu, and also determine which action will be assigned to the default shutdown button. The content of the "Start" is not limited to desktop programs, you can also anchor in it Windows applications 8. The search, which users of "7" are used to, uses the capabilities of the new operating system.
You can search for all files, settings andapplications. If you press Win in Windows 8, the start screen will open. The program "Start 8", if desired, will intercept this key so that during its click "Start" is opened. And the menu will open, even if you press the Win key using the new Windows 8 interface.

Unique Features

The start menu of the "Eight" can be openedby pressing the "Start" button while holding down the "Ctrl" key or using the right Win-key. If you are disturbed by the appearance of "hot corners", "Start 8" can easily turn them off. You can disconnect other external components of the system.
You also have access to the desktopboot without a start screen. "Start 8" deserves attention, although it is paid. The program is done very carefully and qualitatively, the interface is laid out on the shelves. This decision is worth 5 dollars.

Start Menu X

"Start Menu" is one of the best knownalternatives to "Start" in Windows. The program offers seven options for the design of the main button, among which there are even images of the characters "Angry Birds". The menu differs from the classic in Windows, but its advantage can be called the ability to configure flexibly.

You can change the size of labels and labels, andAlso add to the first level of the menu a button for quick access to a variety of commands, including hibernate, reboot and shutdown. The program can search for previously installed applications, folders and files. However, Windows 8 applications do not appear in the index.

An interesting feature of "Start Menu" is virtual groups. Their use will make available five groups ("Graphics", "Internet", and others) that will put the top of the menu.

Note that the program will self-orderinstalled applications, but you can assign them to groups manually. You can not create your own groups - this option will be available only to those who wish to use the Pro version.

Classic Shell

The program has a number of functions thatare intended for users of a new version of the operating system. In the settings there is a special section, it was called "Windows 8". Here you can enable the transition to the desktop at startup, as well as disable unnecessary "hot" corners. The design of "Start" includes three options: Classic, Aero and Metro.

You can use any of the imagessuitable size. Calling the Start menu, as well as the start screen of Windows 8, is done by pressing "Win", by the combination "Shift" and "Win", by clicking on the main menu (holding the Shift key). The "Start" menu or the initial screen can appear when the cursor is positioned in the button area.

The menu can become similar to the usual in Windows 7 or Windows XP. You can customize the display of special items on the right: Favorites, Recent Documents, My Computer.

You can add a command to shutdown the computer. In addition, the search works fine. Using the search box, you can find both installed desktop programs, and Windows 8 applications and items from the control panel.

windows 8 return start button


The "Start" button, which is provided for thisprogram does not launch a familiar menu, however it is associated with the "tiled" interface that appears at the time of pressing. At the same time, the new menu has been redesigned so as not to fill the entire screen. Plus, you can call the convenience of turning off the computer through shortcuts, which are placed in the "Start".


Externally, "StartMenu8" looks good, iconfits perfectly into the Windows interface, and the menu is presented in the classic version, with no extra external effects. The program can turn off the "hot corners" of the screen individually and block the side panel. Thanks to the settings, you can set the skip of the innovative start screen in automatic mode.

"StartMenu8" reacts to the "Win" key. The built-in search is performed on the items entered in the menu. In this case, the button's design can easily be changed to an alternative one, which is included in the program, or to a custom one. The instruction devoted to the development of the design of the main button is available on the official program forum pages.

So we figured out how to return to the "Start" button in Windows 8.

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