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Overview of Aika 2: a description of characters, classes and battles

Aika 2 - multi-user project of the Koreancompany HanbitSoft. This game was released in 2008 and since that time has gained immense popularity in most countries of the world. Now the domestic user can experience all the delights of this MMORPG, as recently Aika 2, the review of which is presented below, acquired a Russian version.

Review aika 2

Game of great opportunities

Aika 2, as mentioned before, is a multiplayer online game, the emphasis is on mass battles. And in some battles can participate more than a thousand people.

Like in any other MMORPG, you have toto pump a character, fight with enemies, to seize new lands and much more. In addition, the game has a huge number of missions and additional tasks, thanks to which you can rest from bloody battles. At the same time quests can amaze with their diversity, because here you can do anything from standard killings of bosses to archaeological excavations and fishing. So it's safe to say that any player will find something to like. Overview Aika 2, whose rating reaches 6 out of 10 on most versions of the tops, we'll start with a description of the races of heroes.

Choice of character

Before you start the game, you have to choose one of the five available races: term, kerber, acron, fortune and leonis. Any of these nations has its own abilities and characteristics.

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Every nation lives in its own state,possessing a unique social and political structure. For example, some nations prefer trade, while others see no point in existence without wars. Needless to say, such different nations can not agree on control over the Relics - the main ancient shrines of the world, bringing wealth and power to the people. This understatement leads to global interracial battles. In addition, then you have to choose one of the six character classes, and this review of Aika 2 will tell about each of them.

Men's Heroes Classes

Let's start with the classic Warrior. This melee master is able to show his talents both in attack and in defending the allies. A typical male hero, with development he attains the title of Conqueror, and at the maximum level becomes Kensai.

Now our review of Aika 2 will tell about the Sorcerer -The character in whose arsenal is a huge selection of spells. This class can inflict huge damage on a large number of opponents. But at the same time, the Sorcerer is the most unprotected character. So, playing them, do not climb into the thick of events, but rather use your spell at a safe distance. In addition, this class needs the support of the same warrior or paladin who must cover it during the battle.

The shooter is a character created for sabotage, and causing huge damage from a long distance. Since the protection of the hero is not particularly strong, it should be used only for remote attacks.

Female characters

Priestess is the main support of the game. This character is able to heal and strengthen the abilities of the allies. And these opportunities make the Priestess one of the desirable heroes in the formation of the detachment. The next class, which our review of Aika 2 will tell us about is the Paladin.

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This is just the character, for which it is not terrible to go even into the thick of the battle. After all, this Paladin can use in combat not only fighting skills, but also to apply magic spells.

The Pistolier, as the name implies, has two killer pistols in its arsenal. It differs from the Arrow by its lesser killability, but by its greater rate of fire.

Praniya is a defender and friend

In this block our review of Aika 2 will tell abouta pet that you can get yourself into this game. Praniya is absolutely unique character, which has no analogues in other MMORPGs. In this game in the role of pets act fairy girls, who eventually turn into girls. Each of the little companions has a character and is able not only to help the player in combat, but also to entertain him with a conversation or a joke on the journey.

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At the same time, the formation of the personality of Prana depends onHow kindly and often you communicate with her. This means that the more attention you pay to this character, the cleverer and stronger the fairy becomes in the future. And if you ignore the little girl, she will grow up angry and prickly, and with less diligence will come to your aid.

Aika 2 Review: Battle Description

In this game, the emphasis is on battlesbetween the players. In this case, users will choose the types of PvP-battles, based on their tastes and preferences. Here you can participate in both single duels and interracial battles, the scope of which reaches a fabulous number of participants.

At the moment there is a huge amounttypes of battles, where players can measure strength. The most large-scale of these are server-to-server PvP-events, which give an opportunity to earn especially distinguished guilds. In addition, no less popular among players spectacular battles of the Alliance or the Legions. In addition, the player will always find someone to fight in less epic battles, such as the battle for Leopold or Relic, the siege of the castle or the battles in the Arena of the Elters. Any of these classes will bring you not only a lot of fun, but will also allow you to earn the game currency needed to purchase new equipment.

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Fans of PvE will also not have to be bored, because fortheir entertainment in the game Aika 2 there is a huge number of diverse dungeons, the complexity of which is calculated for both beginners and advanced gamers. In this case, only the strongest team will be able to pass particularly strong bosses. This concludes our review of the game Aika 2 and wish you a pleasant pastime in this fantastic and magical world.

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