/ / Pinout RJ45 - mandatory attribute of the formation of large computer networks

Pinout RJ45 - mandatory attribute of the formation of large computer networks

RJ45 pinout is an important stage in the organizationlocal area network. When constructing a small segment, this usually does not occur. Especially since with the majority of network routers there is a pre-prepared twisted pair in the set, and it can be used immediately. But this is convenient when the router is in close proximity. But when building a large corporate network without pinout can not do, and it is necessary to understand this issue well in order to perform all the work at the proper level.

Depending on the devices being connected,two possible options for crimping. In each individual case, pinout RJ45 is performed according to its own specific rules. The first option is used when two PCs are connected to the network, and the second is to connect the computer to either an active or a passive network router or router.

Pinout RJ45

Let's start with the most common typeconnections - computer and hub. In this case, two identical crimping options are used, which are respectively named "A" and "B". Each specialist of this profile chooses the option that it is easier for him to remember and do, in the future he uses it only. The pinout of RJ45 in the "A" version is as follows:

  • a pair of brown wires (one-piece at once, and then with impregnations of white color);
  • solid orange;
  • the pair is blue and then blue and white;
  • combined - white with orange;
  • a pair of green wires that fit the same way as brown ones.

At the opposite end, all the wires go in the mirror image, that is, in the reverse order. The second variant in the "B" version is different in that the orange and green wires change places.

Connector RJ45.

To connect computers with each othera slightly different RJ45 pin assignment is used. Only one option is used here, and there is no alternative. On the one hand go in the following sequence of wire:

  • Patch cord RJ45.
    a pair of brown (first brown, then white with brown);
  • solid orange;
  • a pair of blue (immediately comes with white insets);
  • orange with white inserts;
  • green conductors (immediately solid, and then combined).

From the opposite end, everything is arranged in the following order:

  • a pair of orange (immediately goes the wire combined);
  • white-green;
  • a pair of brown (first comes with mixed colors);
  • green;
  • blue and blue-white.

Patch cord RJ45.

Prepare guides and arrange them inthe right order is half the battle. At the end with the use of a special device you need to install a patch cord RJ45. For this, the following sequence of actions is performed:

  • cable is cut off;
  • The screen is deleted if it exists;
  • the conductors are arranged in the necessary sequence;
  • the tip is put on and fixed with the help of a crimping device.

Although the external connector RJ45 is the same everywhere, but hereelectrically it is not really so. This must be remembered at the stage of its preparation. If you do not properly compress the twisted pair, then the network may not work. In the end, everything has to be re-done, and for these purposes, at least 2 more tips will be needed, since the old ones after one-time crimping are no longer suitable.

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