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How to hide IP?

If you are wondering how to hide the IP, then this will be explained exactly. However, to begin with, it is worth investigating why this is necessary? Usually there are a few reasons to hide the IP:

- You want to visit the pages on the network anonymously,so that no one will know about it. Usually, according to the information freely available, you can determine the version of your operating system, the city of residence, the provider, the browser and other information that may come in handy to intruders.

- You want to increase your ordersecurity in the Internet. If you stumble upon such a "craftsman" whose computer is the best friend, then on your ip, he will be able to determine a lot of information, for example, passwords to electronic purses, websites, personal correspondence, as well as other information that is very important.

- You want to quickly download some of the information you needfile from the file sharing service, and he says about exceeding the limit for your IP, but you do not want to wait. You can just change your ip, and then download everything on a new one.

- Sometimes on forums can be banned for violationsome rules, because of what you can not visit your personal office, this problem can also be solved easily, hide your IP, register again, and then you should try not to violate anything, so that you will not be banned again.

Let's deal with the question of how to hideIP. First of all, it is necessary to say that you need a browser and a specialized program or the address of a proxy server. There are two ways - software and manual.

The easiest is the first. Its essence is that with the use of special programs that automatically find working proxy servers, you can hide the real ip, replacing it with the address of the proxy server. The network has a huge number of such programs, but you can use the simplest, yet very universal, its name -Hide IP Easy. After you download and install it, you can proceed to use. You need to connect to the network, start the program. It is very easy to use, there are no extra functions. After you click "Start Hide Ip", your IP will change to a completely different one, and the entire process of hiding it will consist of just one click.

How to hide IP?

All proxy servers are usually divided into two groups: transparent and opaque. If you use gthdsv, then it's hard to hope that your ip will be hidden. Such a server will give out all the necessary information about you for any query. And if you use an opaque proxy, then the real IP address will be difficult to determine. On request, not your location, but a proxy server will be issued. If you have any doubts that an anonymous proxy can hide you, you can use a chain of such servers, however, it is worth noting that not all proxies can work in this way. So you will be connected to the right host through a whole chain of proxy servers, and in case all of them are opaque, you will be almost impossible to track.

How to hide IP: use anonymizer

Anonymizer can be used without applicationsome additional programs or settings of your browser. The user needs to enter the site, and then enter the address of the required site in a special form. Then the anonymizer will send a request to the server, insert corrections into the links so that the next page is requested through a special proxy. Building a chain from anonymizers is not particularly difficult, in each of the following forms, you need to specify the address of the new proxy, and at the end enter the address of the site of interest.

If you care about the question of how to change the IP address, then you can say that you can use specialized programs, one of which was described above.

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