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Little tricks of working with documents: how to make all the letters capitalized in the "Word"

Modern computers have become for us irreplaceable helpers in almost any occupation. With the help of them we can spend leisure time, do shopping, and most importantly - work with documents.

Indispensable helpers in working with text

Depending on the type of activity, you can choosea certain software package. If you use Windows, the applications from Office come to mind: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others. In order to master the basics of using these small programs, you do not need to be a genius. The developers have tried to arrange all the tools in the most rational and structured manner.

For example, "Vord" is one of the mostpopular text editors. Most often it is used for office work, but it is also perfect for home use. The editor is good in that it is suitable for both professional work and for drafting the simplest documents. Everywhere it is used by schoolchildren, students, journalists, copywriters, bloggers. Due to its simplicity and clear interface, the editor is used even for a quick sketch of the house, for example, making a shopping list or writing recipes.

Together with this, the possibilities of the "Vord" allowmake complex text layout, add graphics and diagrams, edit images and styles of font design and much more. Today we will get to know this editor more closely and learn about the small tricks in using it, for example, how to make all the letters capitalized in the "Word".

How to make all letters capitalized in a Word

MS Word

The first version of "Vord" was created back in the distant1983 by Richard Brodie. Since then, not one update for this small program has been released. In the editor, simple forms of the table-matrix algorithm are used. To date, the program is one of the most practical and used in the world. And this is by no means an accident.

Advantages of "Ward"

"Vord" perfectly integrates with otherformats. So, the 2007 version allows saving the file in PDF format. The editor facilitates a rather fast and pleasant formatting of documents. The functional is configured so that you can instantly change the style of the document, insert an image or media file.

MS Word provides a wide selection of objectsSmartArt, which are implemented in 3D-format. Even the child can work with the editor, and if there are any questions on the way, you can use the built-in assistant, which will explain step by step how to perform this or that task. Also you will be able to vary the size of the file and repair the damaged documents. Automatic page numbering, use of built-in formulas and hyperlinks, the wizard for creating tables, quick spelling check, preview before printing - all this and much more can be found in this text editor.

All these functions "lie on the surface", but thatwill it be if you "dig" deeper? For example, how to make capital letters in the "Word" automatically? Let's get acquainted with the small secrets of Word, which will help make text editing much faster and easier.

as in a Word to change letters for capital

How to make all letters capitalized in "Word"?

Many inexperienced users, by creating text, do notknow how to make certain adjustments to it. For example, how to make all letters capitalized in the "Word". So, they rewrite the proposal anew, losing a lot of precious time. In order to solve this problem, there are several ways.

The first one is the CapsLook button on the keyboard. When you press it, you will immediately print in large letters. It is very convenient for making out headings or highlighting certain parts of the text.

But it happens that in the same way it is necessary to issuealready entered text. How in the "Word" to change the letters to capital letters, if they have already been printed? Not many people know that there are a number of "hot" keys or their combinations for fast execution of a certain function in a text editor. Select the text that you want to change by mouse. Then press Shift + F3. Done! Now the letters became capital letters. By the way, to select all the text, you can press Ctrl + A. There are other ways.

how to change the letter to a capital letter

How can I change the letters for capital letters in the Word using the mouse?

To do this, make a selection of the desired text,hover the mouse over it and press the right button. You will see a shortcut menu, and in it - "Font". A small additional text editor opens. You need to pay attention to the item "Modification". In the third column, select "All capital letters", click "OK", and the letters will become large.

How to make the text in capital letters in the Word

The third way how to make the text capitalizedletters in the "Word", is as follows. You must be in the "Home" tab. It is installed by default when you open a new document. Again, select the desired piece of text. In the "Font" panel (where the text is highlighted in bold, italic, underline, etc.), you will see a small icon with two letters "Aa" and a small down arrow. Click on it and select "ALL CAPABLE", so the letters will change immediately.

How to make capital letters in a Word automatically

Now you know how to make the text in capital letters in the "Word". But what about the other little tricks?

Interesting features of the "Word"

In addition to such an interesting function as changeregister, in our text editor there are a number of secrets. For example, using the combination Alt + 7 + 6 + 9, you can place an emphasis. This is very convenient when writing a literary text and legal documents. Also you can put a password on the document to protect personal information. Such manipulation is available in the "File" menu. With Ctrl + Z, you can undo the last action. If you want to select a large piece of text (for example, not one page), you can put the cursor at the starting point and keep the Shift key pressed, then simply move to the end of the passage.

Now you know how to make all the letters capitalized in the "Word". Create and edit text quickly and easily!

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