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It's interesting: how to delete the story in "Yandex"

Any search engine has memory. That is, all requests that the user leaves in it are stored in a specially designated place in the "History". At the same time, information is recorded only relative to those users who are registered on the search site, that is, they have their own account. The situation is similar to the popular Russian service Yandex, which among other things is also an information portal, provides e-mail. Preservation of history is useful and convenient, however, sometimes there is a need to get rid of it. And how to do it, we will tell below.

How to delete a story in Yandex

How to delete a story in Yandex

  • As mentioned earlier, the preservation of data onsearch requests of the user is possible only provided that he is registered on the site. Therefore, the first thing we do, in order to remove search queries of Yandex, is go to the site itself and make sure that we are in the system under our credentials.
  • To go to the information deletion subsectionyou need to visit the "Settings" section. It can be found in the upper right corner, next to your nickname and the "Exit" button. Click once with the mouse on the "Settings" link and select "Other settings".
  • The history of "Yandex" is in the latest block of the presented on the site - "Search Tips". We go to this section.
  • How to delete history in Yandex? Select "Clear query history".

History of Yandex

Note that by deleting such information, you will not be able to see the site that visited previously (that is, it will not be highlighted by another color when displayed in the list).

Undo save history

The users of the site "Yandex" also have the opportunity to abandon the function of recording history. This is done as follows:

  • go to the site nahodki. yandex (among the standard services of the site you will not find it, enter the phrase as a query in the search box);
  • enter your login and password;
  • in the opened window you can also delete the history of requests by clicking on the link with the same name, and also leave a history record.

Note that you can, if desired, resume recording by going to the same section and selecting the appropriate item.

Delete history in Yandex browser
Yandex search requests

If you use the program for viewingInternet from the above-named company, then for sure you also thought about how to get rid of information about visits to sites. How to delete history in Yandex?

1. Start the browser.

2. Move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner.

3. Find the icon in the form of three horizontal bars and click on it.

4. In the drop-down menu that opens, we find the "History" section.

5. You can delete as completely the entire list with information about previously viewed pages, or selectively (for example, for the current day or for the last week and so on).

How to delete history in Yandex? If you do not want those sites on which you have already crossed to be highlighted in search results, then you need to clear the cache in your browser. To do this, perform all of the above actions and before clicking on the delete button, check the box "Clear the cache".

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