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How to install on the "Android" game from the computer? How to install games on Android

Since "Android" is an open-type operating system, installing programs and games on devices with support for this OS does not cause any particular difficulties.

how to install on android game from your computer
In this article, we'll talk about what methodsinstallation of the distribution can be used to improve the functionality of your phone or tablet, how to install on the "Android" game from your computer.

The main ways to install programs and games on "Android"

The operating system "Android" has an opentype of architecture, which means almost no restrictions on stored and downloaded files. For example, the stability of the same iOS from Apple is based on the control of the installed security, which significantly limits the available functions and range of games and programs.

games for android phone
Improve device supporting OSAndroid, it's much easier, because it is able to download and install files independently, without the help of third-party programs, like a standard personal computer. However, some applications are installed using a PC, due to the need to upload the size files to the root folder of the phone or tablet.

Users of this OS still have to pay for such convenience and benefits: the "Android" system is much more susceptible to the impact of malicious files than devices with iOS.

How to install on the "Android" game using the Internet

This method is most relevant if it is a question ofapplications that do not require the installation of additional files (cache). If you have an account in GooglePlay, a service that distributes official products, there will be no problems at all.

android games full versions
After payment and downloading the built-in programindependently install the game in the desired location. Even programs that require a cache are installed on devices without problems, however this takes a considerable amount of time.

In addition, there is always an opportunity to downloadhacked games on "Android". The program also kindly takes them to install, nevertheless, no one can guarantee 100% performance of pirated applications. Moreover, such unlicensed products can damage the operation of the device.

How to install on the "Android" game from your computer

For such an operation, we will need a USB cable that is suitable for the device, and appropriate programs for working with the memory of the phone or tablet (file managers).

First, you need to make sure that in the settings of the device, namely - in the security section, access to files is allowed. This will allow the computer to make changes to the system of the device.

android games 4 4
Then the phone is connected to the PC in such a way,so that it works in the flash drive mode. The last step is unpacking the working files in the device memory containing games on the phone. "Android", recognizes files of two types. The first is a utility with the .apk permission, which in fact is an analog of a computer executable .exe file that works as an installer. The second file can be a folder with a cache - the information necessary for the work of detailed and "spacious" games. Most often, these files are grouped into archives, which are then decompressed into the desired directory on the hard drive of the device.

Compatibility of programs and OS "Android"

Not every program or game can work with the device on "Android". Compatibility issues can occur in two cases:

  • the performance of the device does not meet the requirements put forward by the program or game;
  • the OS version in the device does not correspond to the version for which the program was written.

And if the second problem is most oftenit's not so difficult to cope: most games and programs are presented in different versions, then the inconsistency of the characteristics is not "treated" by anything, except by replacing the used device. It is worth saying that the official games for Android, the full versions of which are available to users of Google Play, are better optimized than their pirated counterparts.

Popular Android games

The range of games available for devices with the OS under consideration is quite large and varied, although it does not contain a large number of exclusives.

free android games in English
This is easily explained by the fact that the marketinformation technology is gaining in popularity the work of small firms and software integrations. Such companies tend to sell their products to several large corporations, which forces them to develop programs for all types of operating systems.

Therefore, sales hits for portable devicescoincide regardless of operating systems: here you and Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja, and Hill Climb. Most popular games are platformers, they are easy to learn and cause increased interest. It is important to always check the quality of the proposed distribution before installing on the "Android" game from a computer or from the Internet.

Free Android games in Russian

Such informal products are widelyis widespread among the domestic public, since the simplicity of the architecture of the Android OS causes the vulnerability of the local security system. Therefore, many users prefer pirated copies due to free access to them.

However, we perfectly remember the saying about freecheese and mechanisms for catching mice. This system is famous for its instability, even if only legal software is used. Needless to say, a tablet or phone, cluttered with pirated products, will work much more slowly.

hacked games on android
In addition, users of unofficial distributors receive reduced or non-working games on Android. Full versions are only available to Google Play customers.

Versions of official and unofficial firmware for "Android"

Before installing on the "Android" game withcomputer or from the network, it is worth making sure that the versions of the device and the downloaded program are in accordance. Similar information for the device is contained in the "About device" tab. And the sites prefer to share the available games or programs by version, making out individual contextual tabs (games on "Android" 4.4 versions, 4.6 versions and so on). Therefore, it becomes difficult to make a mistake.

Moreover, most manufacturersdistributors for "Android" try to update their creations, if they are popular enough and claimed by users. The issue of financial support for development companies is also a key factor in the provision of a particular program or game.

Nevertheless, with the advent of the Kickstarter service,many indie developers and small companies began to receive tangible financial assistance. This is made possible by the contributions of interested players who are willing to donate insignificant amounts in support of the game on the phone. "Android" allows you to install similar entertainment programs - so there will be people who want to use them.

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