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How in the game of Fallout 4 to find "Podzemka" and become her agent?

It does not matter how many killed raiders, supermutants,synths and other beings affected by radiation, on account of the hero. In the end, we will have to realize that the Commonwealth does not like singles. That at some point you will have to find and join one of the organizations. Here are just some of them do not want it at all. So, as in Fallout 4, find the "Underground" and become its full member.

After several missions in the companydetective Nick Valentine in the hands of the hero will get a chip, taken off the head of the institute hunter. To decipher it, we will again have to visit the "Memorial House" in the Neighborhood. Dr. Amari, who once uncovered the brain of the mercenary Kellogg, this time will advise you to contact the specialists of the Podzemka organization. The problem is that she does not know where to find these people.

Where can I find the "Underground" in Fallout 4?

In order to start the search, it is necessary to takequest "Molecular level". "Podzemka" is an underground organization and a liberation movement. Their interest in the Institute is not less than that of the main character, so they will certainly help. You just need to find them.

fallout 4 find the subway
In order to find the "Underground" in Fallout 4,Go to the entrance to the "Swan Pond", located in Boston Common, to where the robot-guide is. On the ground there will be a circular tile with inscriptions and a red line extending from it. This will be the starting point. We move along the line until the old church appears.

Inside the building, you will have to wade cautiouslytunnels, crowded with ghouls. In the end, on the wall to the right, there will be a combination lock, which will need a password (RAILROAD). It consists of letters, marked on tiles.

Fallout 4 (passing). Find "Underground" - this is just the beginning

Further it will be much more difficult. The hero will be distrustful until he shows his devotion. To do this, you will have to fulfill several of their instructions. And the first of them is connected with the agency work.

After a conversation with Desdemona,Deacon go to the marker on the map. Purpose: to penetrate the building, which used to serve as the headquarters of Podzemki. However, first you will have to meet with one of the agents. He will say that the former headquarters is well guarded and all approaches to it are mined. The best option is to pass the tunnels. After killing a dozen synths, you will need to pick up the Carrington prototype and return it to Podzemka.

where to find the subway in fallout 4
Now you can go to Desdemona and showdrawings of Brian Vergil, a super mutant living on the Luminous Lake. At this point, the drawings should already be in the hero's pocket. Desdemona will offer to talk with Technician Tom. He will explain that for the construction of teleport it will be necessary to create several objects. You can do it in any workshop.

First, Technician Tom will suggest buildingplatform-reflector. To do this, you need Aluminum (10), Steel (5), Wiring (3). After that, the list will be replenished with a repeater antenna, a radiator and a console. It is worth noting that, unlike the task of the game (Fallout 4) "Find a subway", this time, a light walk does not get off.

Repeater antenna

For its construction you will need: Gold (3), Textiles (6), Copper (3), Steel (3) and a touch module. If this part is missing, it can be found in any buildings connected with radio communications. For example, the easiest way is to visit an active WRVR radio station, located to the southwest of the city of Diamond City.

fallout 4 walkthrough find the subway
The touch module will be in the table. The problem is that the peaceful citizens of the Commonwealth are working there - George Cooper and Anne Hargraves. Even after the fulfillment of their task of gift in the form of a touch module, one should not wait. So you have to steal.


It would seem that so many things were done afterthe way the hero of the game (Fallout 4) managed to find "Podzemka", and nobody is going to help him. Therefore, he also has to build a console alone. This will require: Copper (3), Steel (5), Rubber (2) and a biometric scanner. This piece can be found in any medical center, for example, in the Milton Hospital.

fallout 4 molecular level find the subway
Next to her there will be many mutant kamikaze, and allknow how dangerous they are. There will be several robots in the building, and it is possible that some of them may have the right thing. Therefore, we try to destroy them.

Another option: go up to the second floor and find a room with a hole in the floor. We jump there, we leave the room and break open the door on the right. There will be a table in which lies the biometric scanner.


To build the last object in the listTom's technique will be needed: Rubber (2), Copper (5), Steel (10), Harness (3) and military electrical circuit. It can be found at many military sites, for example, after viewing the observation post "Bravo".

Near this place is dangerous, because you can get tounder bombardment of two turrets. Another object is guarded by the robot police "Protectron". But the hero for him is a violator of order, so he will have to intervene. Inside the elevator, next to it there is a cabinet, and there will be an electric circuit in it.

Starting the teleporter

This is the final stage in the task of the game Fallout 4("Molecular level"). Find "Podzemka" was quite simple, but to become its agent, had to try. Now it remains to connect all the devices in one electrical network. To do this, the workshop will have to build several generators and connect with them a console, a radiator and an antenna.

fallout 4 find the subway
Before launching Desdemona will ask for a favor, becausePodzemki has its own interests at the expense of the Institute. Then the teleporter will transfer the hero there. On this task, the "Molecular level" will end and a new quest will begin - "Underground and under cover". But now he will be the real agent of Podzemki.

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