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How to craft weapons in CS GO and what is the probability of success?

CS GO is a multiplayer teamshooter, which allows gamers to team up and fight with each other on a variety of maps, using a variety of weapons. In this case, you are invited to choose the game modes - for example, one team can try to lay a bomb and blow it up, and another - to prevent them from doing it. Or one team can hold a group of hostages, and another - to try to save them. In each round, you have the opportunity to purchase a more powerful weapon for the money that you earned in the previous one. However, here we are talking only about standard weapons, which is available to absolutely everyone. It is much more interesting to talk about rare and unique guns, which are not for everyone. How can they be obtained? To do this, you need to know something about the drop, as well as how to craft weapons in CS GO.

Rare Weapons

how to craft weapons in cs go

Before you learn about how to craft weaponsin CS GO, you have to get to know what are rare samples, and also how they can be obtained in other ways. So, rare weapons often differ in appearance - it can be painted in other, brighter colors, sometimes even the shape can be changed. How can you get it? There are various ways, each of which you can test yourself. First of all, you can hope for a good drop, which happens to everyone if they play enough time. Just so it usually does not fall very rare weapons - unique samples can be obtained from cases for which you will need to buy a key. The more rare weapons you plan to get, the lower the probability of success. If you do not want to test fate and wait long, you can go to the market and buy yourself a gun of interest to you for real money. But you also need to learn how to craft weapons in CS GO, since this method may be useful to you.

Simple Kraft weapons

kraft weapons in cs go

If you want to learn how to get yourself raretypes of weapons, without spending a huge amount of real money or months waiting for a quality drop, then you definitely need to learn how to craft weapons in CS GO. This process is a combination of existing weapons available for you to obtain new ones. For example, you can craft ten "Bison-Bison" with the "Carbon-plastic" skin, so that you get a much rarer sample of M4A1-S with the "Clean Water" skin. There are quite a few such recipes, and they are called simple recipes. Why? The fact is that they include only one type of weapon. which you need to cross - you will need just a few identical cannons. However, kraft weapons in CS GO can be completely different - it can be much more difficult.

Advanced recipes

Kraft weapons in cs go simulator

So, you have already read thatis a craft kraft in CS GO, so now you need to go a little deeper into this topic. Now you have to learn about more advanced recipes that will give you an incredible result. For example, to get a Glock-18 pistol with a caramel apple skin (one of the rarest pistols in the game) you will need to combine three different types of weapons - Nova, Galil and Fiv Seven, each Of these types, you will need to add a certain amount, and the skins must be appropriate. As you can see, such a recipe is much more difficult to implement, but the reward for it will be much more impressive. That's the way the craft is crafted in CS GO. You can use the simulator of this process to check the accuracy of the recipe before you apply it in the game. This is done so as not to lose items if the craft fails.

Probability of success

Kraft weapons in cs go recipes

However, it should be noted that the wrong combination- this is by far not the only reason that you do not get kraft weapons in CS GO. Recipes can be perfect, your actions - right, conditions - favorable. But you should not forget that luck here also plays a very important role. The fact is that crafting objects is not successful in 100% of cases. The exact values ​​are unknown, but in most cases gamers report that the probability of success with the craft is about 60-70 percent. And at the same time there is no way to influence this percentage and increase it, so there is only hope for success.

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