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Laptop Lenovo Ideapad 110 15ACL: reviews about the model

Budget laptops are the cornerstone. On the one hand, they have a very low and attractive value, but on the other hand - the performance at an appropriate level. Choosing a budget laptop is a known difficulty, because you need to consider all aspects: from technical specifications to ergonomic keyboard. Among the entry-level devices are allocated laptops from Lenovo. They are characterized by low cost, high-quality performance and decent performance. One such laptop is the Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL. Reviews about it along with technical specifications and will be disassembled in this material. So, let's start with the characteristics and design.

laptop lenovo ideapad 110 15 acl reviews

Design and appearance

What can I say about the appearance of a Lenovo laptopIdeaPad 110-15ACL 80TJ0037RK? User reviews are unambiguous: a regular, strict laptop in a classic case. No excesses. And it is true. One can only add that there is a certain austerity in design. Plastic is not very high quality, there are no glossy frames around the edges of the screen, and the frames themselves are too wide. But there is one advantage: the laptop is pretty thin. Of all the budget models on the market, this notebook is the thinnest.

The design features include the keyboardisland type with a dedicated digital unit. The arrows are full-sized, which affected the size of the Shift key. Well, it was made very small. Although this all does not matter. Using the keyboard is very comfortable. There are several color solutions for the Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL laptop. Reviews of the owners say that the best look is a copy in black: it is more practical and spoiled less. Now let's move on to the performance of the laptop.

laptop lenovo ideapad 110 15acl 80tj0037rk reviews

Performance and hardware platform

There are several modifications of the laptop. Notebook Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL 80TJ004JRK, reviews about which we will discuss a little later, has a top configuration. What is it according to the producers? This is a quad-core AMD A8 processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.2 gigahertz, 8 gigabytes of RAM, a discrete video accelerator AMD Radeon M5 with a memory capacity of 2 gigabytes and a hard disk with a capacity of a terabyte. The characteristics are good, but there are several nuances. A8, used in this laptop, is already hopelessly outdated. Only one slot is allocated for RAM. And this means that in the multichannel mode it will never work. The graphics adapter is also not the first degree of freshness. But for a budget laptop it's kind of like, normal. A little frustrating is that there is an Ethernet controller with a bandwidth of just 100 megabits per second. And this is at a time when in all other budget-funded organizations for a long time there are gigabit adapters. But overall, performance is satisfactory for a budget gadget.

laptop lenovo ideapad 110 15acl 80tj004jrk reviews


Now let's talk about the quality of the display in a laptopLenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL E1. Feedback about this important component is negative. It is understandable. The device uses an inferior screen based on the cheapest TN matrix. The maximum resolution of the display is 1366 by 768 points. The brightness level is not enough to use the device on the street. The viewing angles are frank: there is a slight deflection of the head, as the colors begin to distort. Color rendering is far from real, and the response of the matrix is ​​such that it is not possible to use this screen in dynamic games. However, for work and surfing on the Internet, this component will suffice.

It should be noted that the screen of the device also hasa high level of flicker, which can adversely affect the eyes when working with a laptop for a long time. The display definitely refers to the disadvantages of a laptop. But, on the other hand, a better component would increase the final cost of the product. And then this device would not have fallen into the category of budget. So you need to use what is.

laptop lenovo ideapad 110 15acl e1 reviews

Battery life

Consider a modification of the Lenovo IdeaPad notebook110-15ACL 80TJ00D7RK. Feedback about the autonomy of this particular model is positive, unlike other modifications of the same laptop. Probably, this is due to the fact that this version does not differ with such performance as the top version. Whatever it was, the battery life of this laptop is not particularly large. The weakest configuration is enough to watch the video for 3 hours. This is very small for a budget device. Although there is nothing to be surprised at. The laptop has a battery with a capacity of only 24 watts per hour. This is extremely small. By the way, with increasing performance, the battery power remains the same. This explains why the top version "dies" after three hours of surfing on the Internet. Alternatively, you can purchase a battery with a completely different capacity and capacity. Then the battery life will increase many times.

laptop lenovo ideapad 110 15acl 80tj00d7rk

Reviews about the device

Now let us analyze the users' opinion aboutlaptop Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL. Reviews about this device are mixed. There is approximately the same number of both positive and negative comments. To the positive can be attributed statements of owners about the overall performance of the laptop. All of them are satisfied with the hardware platform of the top version. Many people like the presence of a good cooling system, which is very important for devices based on AMD. The pluses also include a comfortable keyboard and an ergonomic touchpad. Users note that working with this laptop is a pleasure.

At the same time, owners complain massively about the screenlaptop Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL. Reviews about this component are full of angry maxims. And to scold the display is for that. The battery life of the device also causes righteous anger of users. 3 hours of climbing on the Internet - that's too much. Somewhat upsetting was the fact that the Ethernet adapter boasts a speed of only 100 megabits per second. a gigabit adapter would be preferable. But this is a budget laptop. And we have to put up with this.


So, we reviewed the budget notebook LenovoIdeaPad 110-15ACL. Reviews about this product do not provide an understandable picture, because the laptop has the same number of advantages and disadvantages. But is it worth it to buy? If you plan to use the laptop for work and some easy entertainment, then you can stop picking on it. We need only take into account that the full use of the gadget is possible only permanently, since it has very little battery life. But for such money the device is very worthy.

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