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Installing Windows on this drive is not possible (GPT). How to install Windows 7 on a laptop with a GPT file system

Windows operating systems for all of their timeexistence have passed a huge path of development. They improved every year, and here was released the latest version of Windows 8, hanging right at the first presentation of Microsoft, and then recognized as a developer unsuccessful. And then the user faces a very serious problem. On the one hand, all the latest models of computers and laptops are produced with the "eight". On the other hand, modern hard drives used in them have a gpt markup. As a result, an error occurs when installing Windows 7. What are the possible reasons? Why does the laptop display the message "Can not install Windows on this drive"? GPT-section to all fault.

installing windows on this drive is not possible gpt

"Old" or a reliable friend?

Up to the creation of Windows 8 operating systemsused the marking of hard drives called mbr. Accordingly, and support for partitions in them is carried out exclusively to the latest version. Thus, if you are going to demolish the installed "eight" and put an older version of the operating system, then they will not be able to recognize the newest GPT interface, which may result in the installation "Windows can not be installed on this disk". GPT will not be recognized, so the user will not even be able to determine what the problem is. Let's look into its essence.

Older operating systems work with MBR. What it is? MBR (Master Boot Record) is the program code and information required to pre-launch the system. They are located in the first marked sector of the hard drive. The MBR runs after the initial BIOS check of all devices. Its main function is to determine the location of the files needed to boot the operating system. As you understand, the error when installing Windows 7 can be caused by the fact that the new EFI standard, using GPT, is not able to determine the OS and write it to its start partition.

error installing windows 7

What is GPT?

GPT - standard format for placing a tablepartitions on the hard disk. The fact is that Intel has proposed a new interface to replace the familiar BIOS. It is called EFI (extensible firmware interface), and it is his part that is the new format - GPT.

One of the features of the EFI standard is that,that it has both possible ways of initial loading. Since GPT uses a logical block addressing system, the starting blocks also have the following structure:

windows installation is not possible gpt

  1. LBA 0 - the very first sector containing MBR information. So the creators insured that there was an opportunity always to convert a disk under the necessary format.
  2. LBA 1 - here is the table of contents of the table of GPT format.
  3. LBA 2 - This sector is designed to store the partition table itself.

Proceeding from the above, you should understand that thesethe two standard disk layouts are so different that you can not install Windows on new hard drives. GPT simply will not give the operating system using mbr, to take and erase the partitions of the hard disk and thereby, possibly, damage its structure.

On your marks!

So, if you still decide to reinstall the operating system, do not forget to prepare everything you need:

  1. Back up your data. And it is desirable on an external carrier to avoid their loss.
  2. Make sure that you have the operating system installation disk, it is functional, and with it you can actually reinstall. And it does not matter whether it's pirated or not.
  3. Be prepared for your actions to because irreparable harm to your computer or laptop. Make sure there are problems with your particular PC model. For example, HP laptops are very well protected against overwriting, and even experienced programmers have difficulty re-installing the system on them. If you remove a system from such a laptop, most likely, you will not be able to return even the old one with your own hand.

    installing windows on gpt partition

Are you prepared? Then we begin.


The first series of steps that must be followed when installing the operating system:

  1. Start the computer restart. At this point, press the F2 key to get into the BIOS control. Remember that the buttons necessary to run this subroutine may differ for different notebook models, and because of the very short time that you need to hit the button, it's better to just squeeze it all the time during the reboot.
  2. Once in BIOS, you can finish the last stage of the preparation for reinstallation - insert the installation disk into the computer.
  3. In the settings specify the device from which you want to boot the laptop. You need to set the first line of your drive.
  4. In additional options, in the security settings, instead of the UEFI standard used, set the parameter "Legacy" or "Legacy and UEFI". This will remove the protection from reinstallation.
  5. Save and exit from the BIOS. After that, restart the computer.
  6. When the text "To download from the disk, press any key ..." appears, we fulfill the request of the computer.
  7. The startup window of the installer appears.operating system. We pass on dialogue windows, we reach the manager of management of hard disks. We delete all existing sections (except for the very first one). We format the hard disk. We try to specify it for OS installation.
  8. It is at this stage that the system can warn you that the installation of Windows on this disk is impossible. The GPT format will not allow you to install the system.
  9. If you did not have any difficulties or inscriptions, calmly continue the installation according to this instruction. If you can not perform the installation, see the next chapter of this article.
  10. So, having eliminated all obstacles, proceed to installation. It can take you up to two hours of free time, so leaving the computer, you can safely go to drink tea.
  11. The last step will be the initial setup of the PC. Set the date, time and language format. Enter the activation key. Your OS is ready to go.


If you encounter a problem in the selection phasehard disk for installation, and you received a message that you can not install Windows on this drive, you need to convert the gpt format into mbr. To do this, you will need to perform the following actions. Press "Shift + F10". And then enter several commands in sequence:

diskpart - sel dis 0 - clean - convert mbr - exit - exit.

installation impossible gpt

This will allow you to convert partitions to the mbr format. Now you can safely continue installing the operating system according to the previous chapter.

An exception

So, after reading, you can independentlyto start the reinstallation of the operating system. Despite what was said in this article, installing Windows on gpt (a partition without "wizardry") is possible in two cases. First, if you are installing an operating system or an assembly that supports GPT disk partitions. Secondly, in the case when the assembly of the operating system "under" Windows 8 independently is able to convert partitions of the hard disk in the required format. In other cases, the installation is not possible, gpt does not have to do with it. The creators of the laptop could initially take care of the users themselves not to reinstall the OS and not produce pirated copies.

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