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Best turn-based strategies on PC

Step-by-step strategies on the PC arevery interesting projects. They became popular almost immediately after their appearance. In a very short period of time a huge number of users became fans of this genre. Particularly noticeable success games from the series of Total War and Civilization. Despite the fact that their first representatives were released for sale long enough, and to this day, these projects remain relevant and interesting for users.

Features of the genre

Step-by-step strategies on the PC have severaldistinctive features. First of all, it should be noted that they do not require the user to make a sijusecond decision. They do not limit it in time to think over each of the steps. It is for this reason that this genre has gained immense popularity among people with a strategic mindset who do not like to hurry up in the process of making a decision.

Step-by-Step Strategies on pc

Another feature of this genre is the fact that turn-based strategies on the PC assume the presence in them of several factions, competing or cooperating with each other.

Uniqueness of Total War

The most successful turn-based strategies on PC includein this series. Such games have a unique combination of excellent graphics and a wide range of features on the global map. Other projects of this genre are not able to provide users with the same attractive combination. To date, the Total War series includes the following games: Medieval Total War, Rome Total War, Napoleon Total War, Impire Total War and Shogun Total War. And absolutely all these turn-based strategies on PC are used successfully. The list of them, apparently, in the near future will be supplemented by new projects.

Step-by-Step Strategies for the pc list

Civilization - one of the best turn-based strategies

This game won its popularity in the firstturn for the reason that its developers have relied on a large number of different technologies, in the process of gradual development of which the level of development of the player-dependent faction is growing.

To date, the number of versions of the game Civilization has already reached 5. Each of them caused a real sensation in the fans of the series.

Despite all their advantages, suchstep-by-step strategies on PC have one, but very significant drawback. It's about the schedule. The fact is that the developers for all 5 versions and could not offer users the possibility of conducting battles on a separate map. Here it is necessary to be content with the most simple graphic models of units.

Step-by-step military strategies on pc

Heroes of Might and Magic - perhaps the best turn-based military strategy on the PC

To date, the number of versions of this game is alreadyreached 11. At the same time, each of them is attractive in its own way. Now only the first two parts of the game are not very popular. The rest of these turn-based strategies on the PC are quite successfully sold today. The fact is that they are all very different from each other. Classics of the series to date is Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Now there is a huge number of additions to it. This game has been a success for users for more than 10 years. Today even competitions are held for the title of the best in Heroes of Might and Magic at the world level with very decent prize money. So step-by-step strategies on the PC from this series can be considered the most popular.

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