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How to take screenshots on android

Today we will learn how to take screenshots ofandroid. This function is often used to create reviews of programs and games. You can use it for your own personal use. The screenshots themselves are a screenshot. Once it is done, a new graphic file will appear. The screen will show its general status, including time, battery level, etc. Next, you will learn how to make a screenshot on an android.

how to make a screenshot on android

Standard methods

Some devices have a built-in functionto take a photo from the screen. For example, on phones Samsung Galaxy series screenshots are made using the combination of keys "Back" and "Home". In Samsung Galaxy S II, this operation occurs by pressing the "Home" button at the same time as the "Lock" option. In Android devices from Samsung, screenshots are saved in the folder "ScreenCapture", which is located in the root of the SD-card. On HTC phones, the Desire S series uses the combination of "On" and "Home", and on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S series: "Volume down" and "Power on". Thus, screenshots on android can be done without installing third-party programs and without using additional utilities. But not always phones have standard means for creating screenshots. In these cases, special applications will help, of which we will talk later.

screenshots on android

Third-Party Applications

Before you start installing programs,you need to find out what Root-rights are. Do not be intimidated by this unfamiliar definition. Root-rights help users to have access to some hidden features. They allow you to expand the basic functionality of the smartphone and make some changes in the system. To take screenshots on android through third-party programs, you need to get "root-rights". In the usual stock firmware (which is installed during the sale), they are not available, as the developers believe that this permission is not necessary for ordinary users. Therefore it is necessary to achieve it independently. For each phone model, an individual instruction is required to obtain Root rights. You can contact the support service of your device and ask for this information. But back to the applications that allow you to take a screenshot. Android 4.0 and other past firmware versions give you the freedom to install third-party programs. They can be downloaded for free.

screenshot android 4

additional information

It should be noted that in somecases when you receive the "root-rights" yourself, the warranty period of the phone is automatically reset. This is due to the fact that Root is used to make any changes to the system. And this can significantly damage the device. Of course, installing one program to take screenshots will not "kill" your smartphone, but manufacturers are not interested in the goal of getting Root-rights. To obtain additional support on this issue, you must contact the phone manufacturer.


Screenshots on the android allow you to reviewgames, programs or just to save any moment interesting to you. Sometimes you can do without installing additional applications, but in some situations this can not be avoided.

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