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What is "azaze"? We study slang.

Quite often we can meet on the Internetincomprehensible to us words and expressions that are the product of youth slang. In each time interval there were always groups of people who did not communicate like ordinary people, the same applies to the Internet community. So, what is "azaze"?

what is azaza


Among adolescents, you can often hear thisexpression. Very often it is used by children 10-14 years old. And it was precisely because of such expressions that the disparaging expression "schoolboy" appeared. In social networks (including not infamous VKontakte), online games, forums, this word constantly slips along with some others. So what is "azaza" in VC?

This expression comes from the word, or rather,emotions "ahahah." That is banal laughter. It so happened that the buttons "z" and "x" are located on the keyboard side by side, and because of the misses typing instead of "ahah" often turned out "azaz." From a not very great mind, this expression, which has become a meme, has gone.

In some cases, it can be used togetherwith the word "lacquer". This jargon comes from the English abbreviation LOL - laughing out loud. That is a very loud laugh. However, there is another definition - lamer on-line. Means that there is a "lamer" in the network (online) (inexperienced player, user). Thus, "lalka" is a mockery of a person.

If you are still interested in the question, what is"lalka", "azaz", and you yourself did not understand this, then we will explain. This is a great mockery of the person in the network. Implied laughter is not only over what was said or done by an inexperienced user, but also his insult in an easy form.

what is a lazka azaza


Considering the question: "What is" azaze "?"One can not help remembering about another contingent of young people: the so-called vanilles: these girls who consider themselves very romantic conduct their own blogs telling everyone (although they do not care about the majority) about their feelings, feelings, relationships, share" experience " and they are looking for true "love." Such were before, before the Internet, but then they kept their diaries in notebooks and did not expose them.

What is "azazu" (Zazazu) in the slang of such persons? Strangely enough, this is the same feeling that most people call "butterflies in the stomach." Someone will call it insane love, someone first in love, and someone with lust and the desire for "intimacy". However, this is no longer important, it's not such a bad application of this word in comparison with the previous one.

Other options

Answering the question: "What is" azaza "?", It is necessary to remember and that does not apply to slang.

what is azaza vk

  • Azaz - the ancient fortress of the Franks, in 1150 destroyed by Muslims. Now it is a Syrian city.
  • Azazu - online store of jewelry.
  • Ornaments of azazu - made of natural materials (pearls, for example) bracelets, necklaces, etc.
  • Azaz is a woman's name.
  • Azaz - possible nicknames of players in the Internet.

As you can see, not everything is as straightforward as it could beseem at first sight. Not always youth slang is the primary source of the word's origin. We hope that this article has helped you in your search, and you could find the answer to your question.

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