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PCS - what is it?

From the speed of writing words in our time dependsa lot of things. People try to optimize this process for faster data exchange. In addition, in Internet technologies on many sites there are fields, the number of characters in which is strictly limited. Therefore, people use abbreviations in order to contain as much information as possible in them. So what is the answer to the question "pcs - what is this"?


Values ​​for the abbreviation we are consideringa bunch of. Let's start, perhaps, from the most widespread, which can meet absolutely everyone, regardless of his profession and occupation. So, pcs - what is this?

pcs what is this

You can meet this designation on packagesgoods, on the signature in international online stores like eBay. Here pcs is an abbreviation of the pieces. Of course, this is not quite an abbreviation, but it is used quite often.

Pieces (plural) comes from the pieceA piece, a piece, a copy. Thus, if you are offered to choose 1/5/10 pieces in the online store, this means that you must specify the number of ordered packages, items, and so on.


Now let's move on to a more narrowdefinition. PCS - what is it? This abbreviation is used in information technology and stands for Process Control System. This is the name of the distributed control system. This is a set of instructions and software and hardware designed to automate the activities of enterprises in any industry.

In the narrower sense, the most famous is SiemensSimatic Process Control System 7. This is an automated control system manufactured by the same company and fully complies with the declared quality standards.

gaming pcs


Continuing to consider the actual issue for us(PCS - what is it?), It is worth mentioning some other form of writing this abbreviation. For example, PCs or PC's. Probably this form of recording will immediately remind experienced users that we are talking about our computers - PC (Personal Computer), and it means such an abbreviation plural. On foreign websites you can find the following record - Gaming PCs, which means a large number of gaming computers, for example, online stores can lure customers with inscriptions like this: "Discover the full range of gaming PCs." This means: "Study the full range of various gaming personal computers." The term "gaming" is often used tsya to refer to the flagship device, with the best parts and powerful to run modern games at maximum settings. Of course, a rather strange turns out that computers are developing exclusively for the entertainment industry, but that the specifics of the modern era.

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