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Instant messaging programs. How to change the password in the Agent

You probably talked with friends in Skype. No less well-known analogue of this program is "Mail.Ru Agent". Voice and video communication, instant messaging are the main features of the application.

Who is available for the program

Anyone who has mail on mail.ru, can use the local services of this service. Sometimes, for security reasons, you have to learn how to change the password in the agent. And now I will try to explain this clearly.

Change password on mail

How to change the password in the agent? To do this, it is enough to edit the personal data on the mail server mail.ru

For all this you need:

  1. Open the resource http://www.mail.ru/ and go through the authorization.
  2. In the right corner of the monitor, click on the "Settings" hyperlink. You will be taken to the page with the "password" module. Activate this block.
  3. Next, the server will "ask" to fill in several fields: "valid password", "new password" and "confirm new password" field.
  4. Click the "save" link. Your password on the server, and hence in the local agent, will be updated. Now, further authorization will take place under a new personal code.

Can I change the password in an agent that is accidentally forgotten?

Actually, this is what we are now going to do. The following is a sequence of recovery steps.

  • In the client for the email, click on the link "forgot password". It is located just to the right of the rectangle for entering the password.
  • In the appeared service enter the address of the personal e-mail and activate the button "further".
  • Now be extremely careful. You will need to answer the suggested security question or enter an alternative mail as an action to change the password in the agent.
  • The secret question can relate to meaningful eventsor famous dates in your life. You asked the answer when registering. If you forgot the answer, use the additional mail (maybe not indicated).
  • If the first option is selected and you answered correctly, simply create a new password. Then you will need to enter it again and a digital code from the image, confirming that you are not a robot.
  • If you select the second method, a letter with further instructions on how to change the password in the agent will come to your additional mailbox.

If everything is done as intended, a new password will be applied to mail.ru and the described service. All further connections to the server will be made under new personal data.


When registering with the mail service try to use all possible recovery options. That is, and alternative mail, and entering a response to a secret question.

It is advisable to have a pen with a notebook near you

In the process of registration, all the necessary data consistently write down on paper. Then you do not have to before you change the password in the agent, long and painfully remember any data.

How to actually get mail

The question of changing the password in the mail is relevant, if there is this very mail. How to get one?

  • In the browser, go to one of the free services Yandex, Mail, Rambler, Google, Pochta.ru. These resources are most in demand.
  • Register for one or more of these sites. At the prompts of the mail server, create an account.
  • Get personal "keys" from the virtual cabinet. Now you have your e-mail box and, possibly, additional mail services.

Remove agent

Sometimes the program for communication can be lostregardless of the above actions. And even if you set the password correctly, you still do not have to "start up" to the email services. The same applies to any other "glitches" of this software.

The only right solution is to uninstallapplication and reinstall the latest version. You can simply update it without removing it entirely. But then its unmistakable functioning is not guaranteed.

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