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How can I find out what kind of RAM I have: mega-resolutions!

In order to play the video file, go totheir social page or run their favorite game on the PC, the user does not need knowledge about what the computer is made of and how it works. However, over time, many of the ordinary users are still beginning to think about how to improve their "electronic friend". Those who realized the true cause of the "machine brakes" are asked by the question: "How do I know what kind of RAM I have?" Perhaps, you, the dear reader, had some difficulties in solving such problems. And therefore we invite you to join us and understand how you can increase the resources of RAM and what you need to do for this.

Amount of installed memory

How do I know what kind of RAM my laptop has?

It often happens that the one installed on the PCThe application runs very slowly, tiring the user with its "long-playing" interaction scenario. There are such troubles primarily because of a lack of RAM. How to avoid unnecessary loss of time and make sure that your computer has the necessary hardware resources? Well, if you are looking for the answer to the question: "How do I know what kind of RAM I have?", Then you are on the right track - the following instructions will help you understand what you can count on ...

  • Go to the "Start" menu.
  • Hold the marker on the "This computer" and right click.
  • Select Properties from the drop-down list.

In the window that will open, you will see general information about the system, as well as information on the amount of installed RAM.

How to find out what kind of RAM I have: detailed characteristics of a RAM device

How do I know which RAM I have?

Unfortunately, by means of standardWindows-based tools it is not possible to obtain detailed (detailed) information about the properties and characteristics of the installed RAM. Therefore, before purchasing an additional memory module, be sure to install a special diagnostic program on your PC, for example, Aida64. With the help of such an application, you not only get an answer to the question you are interested in: "How do I know what kind of RAM I have?", But also will be able to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the hardware capabilities of its computer.

What to remember when choosing RAM

There are several types of RAM. Outdated SIMM, DIMM, as well as the legendary DDR are currently out of production. The slats of the DDR2 and DDR3 standard are the most common type of RAM, which is equipped with modern modifications of computer technology. In portable electronics (laptops) the same modules are used, as in desktop machines, but much smaller. Of course, such a structurally modified memory has an excellent designation: MiniDIMM, MicroDIMM and SODIMM. So, when solving an ambiguously expressed question: "How do I know what kind of RAM I have in my laptop?" First, find out what type of RAM your machine supports.

Identification of RAM through the CPU-Z program

How do I know what kind of RAM I have?

A small application in all respects and, importantly, absolutely free for use - it is an alternative to the mentioned above AIDA64 software.

  • Download and run the above utility.
  • In the main software window, open the "SPD" tab.

The displayed information will be a practical answer to the question "how to find out what kind of RAM my computer has."

Instead of the final part: a few valuable tips

How do I know what kind of RAM my computer has?
So, to learn more aboutinstalled on your PC RAM module, you need to ask for a reference to the official source (as a rule, the manufacturer's website usually acts as the latter). However, in the event that you purchased a second-hand computer and want to add an additional module of the RAM, you need to be sure of the following:

  • The motherboard does have a free slot under the RAM.
  • "Motherboard" is able to work with a specific type of memory.
  • The previously installed RAM-module is fully compatible with the "applicant for the extension of the RAM".

If we specify the question we are discussing: "How can I find out what kind of RAM (model) I have?", The quickest answer can be obtained if the user removes the RAM bar from the corresponding "motherboard" slot and reads the information that interests him directly from the product sticker. By the way, in laptops it's also easy to do, just unscrew one or two fixing screws that hold the cover of the modular RAM bay, and visual access is obtained. As you can see, everything is simple and elementary solvable. Successful modernization to you and "operational prosperity"!

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