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Which cable for the Internet is better

Today, almost all computer usersor laptops have access to the worldwide Internet. And ways to connect everyone uses different (via cable for the Internet, wireless connection, using a modem, etc.).

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All of us with you just can not be considered inframework of this article. So let's understand today what kind of power cord will be better used to connect to the World Wide Web. After all, if you choose the wrong option or cable will be substandard, the speed of the Internet will not match the one that the provider can provide.

Every day, one of the users decidesthe question of connecting his car to the Internet. Whether it is a student who has a need to obtain the necessary information, or happy new settlers who have moved to a newly rented house - it does not matter. While the most common tool for this purpose is the cable. The Internet in this case can be connected unlimited and at a fairly high speed. It will differ by a small subscription fee and reliable connection. But, unfortunately, many in this case simply ignore the fact that the cable for the Internet should be chosen carefully.

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To you know, it has its own classification. By its structure, it can be either two-core or single-core. This is the first parameter that a cable has for the Internet, and it is determined, as the name implies, by the number of veins involved. Single-core, as a rule, are used in cases where it is necessary to lay the cable in walls or under panels. This species has only one, but a thick copper wire. It is absolutely not designed for bending.

Stranded same cable for the Internet has a lot ofveins that are small in thickness and completely unsuitable for this cord to be laid in the wall, for the reason that during the design of the outlet these thin wires are twisted and split. Therefore, this kind is better suited for connecting a computer or laptop to a socket, to which a single-core cable has already been connected.

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True, he has one good dignity. He is not afraid of various kinds of twists and twists. Although it is fair to note that its multifilamentary structure often contributes to the fact that the signal will fade. Based on all of the above, it will be best if you use these two types of cable at the same time. Single-core will be laid in the wall, and stranded will be used to connect your computer or laptop to an internet outlet.

I also want to say a few words about the protectioncable. In some, there is screening. There are four kinds of cords. The first has no protection. The second one is equipped with foil. The third is equipped with foil and shielded. The fourth has the highest degree of protection. It's called shielded shielded. What does screening do? With its help provides resistance to various electromagnetic waves of other equipment. This allows you to transfer data packets with virtually no loss.

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