/ Skull of an Ephemeral Horse: Description of the Item

Skull of the Ephemeral Horse: a description of the object

In the online game "World of Warcraft" existsa lot of kinds of a wide variety of vehicles. The skull of the ephemeral steed at activation adds one of them to the collection. This flying horse, who wants to get a lot of players. To do this, you need to know all the available information about the mount.

Methods of obtaining

In WoW, the skull of an ephemeral steed enters the categoryitems that can not be obtained in a simple way in the game. It can not be knocked out from a particular raid or a rare monster. He is in a special paid set "Betrayal of the Guardian", which is bought in the customer's internal store for real money.

skull of an ephemeral steed

Rarely the fans were counted as 1 for 250 packs, thatmeans an approximate price of $ 605. This is when taking into account the average statistics, because you can get lucky for a second or third time, or maybe the last attempt not to bring the desired result. On servers, there were cases when the skull of an ephemeral steed appeared at an auction. Its price was from 800 thousand gold to 9 million depending on the server.

Description of transport

The skull of an ephemeral horse is activated by a standardway, and in the collection appears a ghostly horse of pale blue. Players can clearly see the bones of the mount and the outer shell. The model resembles a standard transport that uses undead at the 20th level. When flying, he does not have wings, which is not typical of similar mounts.

wow skull of an ephemeral steed

Instead, he moves through the air in steps,only with a smaller interval than on the ground. The skull of an ephemeral horse is more familiar to the Horde, but for Alliance players is of great value. Among their transport, there is nothing like that, because adding such a horse to your collection will bring great pleasure. The user can regularly check the black market and auctions or spend $ 605. Everyone chooses the best way for themselves.

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